Tara Reid Net Worth: She Has Dropped Her $100 Million Lawsuit

Tara Reid Net Worth

Do you ever ponder how much Tara Reid is worth? She has established herself as one of Hollywood’s top comedy actors.

Tara Reid’s life hasn’t exactly followed a conventional path to success, which might come as a surprise to you. The actress faced many personal challenges to reach this point in her career.

Tara Reid Net Worth

American actress and model Tara Reid has a $6 million net worth. Tara Reid, who got her start in the business when she was just a kid, went on to become a Hollywood icon. Tara has starred in a wide variety of films, but she is perhaps most well-known for her performances in the “American Pie” series.

She has also established herself as a successful television actor, having guest-starred on both reality shows and more traditional series.

Tara Reid’s Lawsuit Against The Asylum

Tara Reid's Lawsuit Against The Asylum

Tara Reid sued the American production firm The Asylum in 2018. Reid claimed that her likeness had been utilized without her knowledge or consent on items for the “Sharknado” movie series.

Tara Reid has forbidden the use of her likeness on any products associated with the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages or gambling. Despite Tara Reid’s protests, the Asylum continued to exploit her likeness in promotional materials for their products. Tara Reid demanded damages of $100,000,000.00.

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Tara Reid’s Lawsuit Reveals Compensation for ‘Sharknado’ Franchise

Tara’s compensation for the “Sharknado” movies became public knowledge as a result of her lawsuit against The Asylum. Tara Reid was paid $125,000 for her role in “Sharknado 5” and $175,000 for her role in “The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time,” as evidenced by the aforementioned docs.

Her compensation for the first several movies is unknown, although it likely climbed as the series progressed.

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