When Did Taylor Swift & John Mayer Meet and Performed Together?

Taylor Swift & John Mayer

Taylor Alison Swift, the talented songwriter who has released five albums in three years, is currently on her frenetic Eras Tour.

Folklore, Evermore, Fearless (Taylor’s Version), Red (Taylor’s Version), and Midnights are all albums published by Taylor since 2020. A lot seems to be happening for someone who once famously said, “Not much going on at the moment.”

And in July, we can look forward to the remastered version of Speak Now, which is filled with even more of her enchanted music.

While dating, the two(Taylor Swift & John Mayer) would write songs together and afterward use their lyrics to rip each other to tears. Although, it’s safe to assume that the majority of people are on Swift’s side.

Let’s rewind a bit, then…

What Did John Mayer Do to Taylor Swift?

Similar to Taylor’s prior albums, “Midnights” gave listeners plenty of caption inspiration. One song, in particular, became popular online because of the messages conveyed in its lyrics.

The 19th tune on “Midnights (3 a.m. Edition)” appears to be about her (reported) breakup with the famous musician John Mayer. As for the shots, well. Were. Fired.

Taylor reminisces in “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” on a former lover who used her naiveté. To paraphrase Taylor’s lyrics: “Living for the thrill of hitting you where it hurts / Give me back my girlhood, it was mine first.”

Take a look at her Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve:

John was unquestionably the “promising young man” Taylor sang about in the song.

If Taylor and John had broken up, would she have written “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve”? Not that it’s ever happened before. The same thing happened with her song “Dear John,” which became a hit for the same reason.

When Did Taylor Swift & John Mayer Meet and Performed Together?

When Did Taylor Swift & John Mayer Meet and Performed Together

The “Why Georgia” singer originally made public his wish to collaborate with Swift on social media. A musical concept he had was “called ‘Half of My Heart,’ ” he tweeted, adding, “I want to sing it with Taylor Swift.”

As he elaborated, “She would make a killer [Stevie] ‘Nicks’ in contrast to my [Tom] ‘Petty’ of a song.”

Swift’s first performance with Mayer was at the Staples Center (now known as the Crypto.com Arena) in Los Angeles, during a stop on her Fearless tour. To the amazement of the audience, the two artists sang “White Horse” by Swift and “Your Body Is a Wonderland” by Mayer as a duet.

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Are Taylor Swift and John Mayer Dating Now?

Taylor has been in a committed relationship with actor Joe Alwyn for over five years, but she and John’s fans haven’t exactly gotten along. Even though “Dear John” wasn’t included on her album Red, John claims he began receiving a deluge of hate mail once Taylor released her new Taylor’s Version in November 2021.

He shared a direct message (DM) conversation with an Instagram user who had previously sent him the following message: “F-k yourself you ugly bitch I hope you choke on something,” followed by a heart emoji and the words, “Answer me you bitch.”

“I’ve been getting so many messages like these the past couple days,” John responded to one fan who said they “hoped” he would “choke on something,” adding, “I decided to choose your message at random to reply to. You can feel free to screenshot, share in any way you like if you want. I’m not upset, I just tend to have a curious mind and feel compelled to ask. Do you really hope that I die?”

While the user did walk back their initial accusations, they did warn John that when Taylor’s version of Speak Now comes out, there would be more negative feedback.

The Connecticut native has not been seen with a significant other in public for many years.

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