Drummer Teresa Taylor Cause of De@th: Is She D!ed Naturally or Not?

Teresa Taylor Cause of Death

Teresa Taylor, the band’s drummer, has passed away at the age of 60, the band has revealed.

In a new Twitter post, Butthole Surfers paid respect to their late bandmate by posting a black and white photo of Taylor. The same article also disclosed what killed the band’s “dear friend,” who would “live in her bandmates’ hearts forever.”

Teresa Taylor Cause of De@th

The band’s longtime drummer reportedly died of lung disease following a protracted illness. Her girlfriend Chery Curtice revealed the same health concern in a Facebook post on Monday.

However, according to Curtice, Taylor died of natural causes while she was clean and sober.

“She was so brave, even in the face of her horrible disease,” she continued. “We were all fortunate to have her beautiful, strong spirit in our lives. She will be forever missed. We will have a memorial service sometime in the future. I love you, beloved Teresa.”

Butthole Surfers posted a tweet and wrote “RIP, dear Friend”


In November 2021, Taylor disclosed that she had terminal lung disease and was given a life expectancy of only one to five years. In the same Facebook post, she stated that, given her long history of smoking, she had prepared herself for the diagnosis.

In 2022, as she continued to struggle with lung disease, the drummer entered a hospice.

The drummer underwent brain surgery in 1989 due to a brain aneurysm she suffered from, in addition to her lung ailment. She made it through the emergency medical situation, but following the operation, she began having seizures.

Taylor’s family has not yet announced the specifics of her funeral or memorial service. The plot is still unfolding.

Butthole Surfers’ Teresa Taylor Played Drums

Butthole Surfers' Teresa Taylor Played Drums

Teresa Taylor, who was born on 11-10-1962, played drums in a number of collegiate ensembles. On July 5, 1991, she was featured in the film Slacker.

In 1983, during a jam session with singer Gibby Haynes, Taylor became a member of the Butthole Surfers. Unfortunately, she had to leave the group in 1989 due to health reasons.

Eight albums by Butthole Surfers were released between 1997 and 2001 until the band went on hiatus in 2016. Electriclarryland, the band’s seventh album, debuted at number 31 on the US Billboard 200 and has now gone platinum.

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