Texan Family Of Missing Crippled Child Had A Car Recovered At The Airport

Texan Family Of Missing Crippled Child Had A Car Recovered At The Airport

According to Olivia Leach and Alexis Wainwright of CBS Texas, a car belonging to the family of a missing Texas youngster with significant physical and developmental problems was discovered abandoned at DFW Airport.

On Saturday night, according to authorities, the Amber Alert for 6-year-old Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez of Everman, a Dallas-Fort Worth suburb, was changed to an Endangered Missing People Alert.

“I must be absolutely clear that there is presently no tangible proof of Noel’s status as a missing person. What I do know is that we have a crippled six-year-old youngster who is missing, “Craig Spencer, chief of police in Everman, stated.

According to Everman police, they discovered Saturday night that Noel’s mother, Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, his stepfather, and the other six children of Rodriguez-Singh had boarded a plane for another country.

We discovered that the mother, stepfather, and siblings had all departed the country aboard a Turkish Airlines aircraft to Istanbul that took off on March 23 at 9 p.m., according to Spencer.

The list of passengers for the flight did not include Noel.

According to Spencer, Everman police were requested by Child Protective Investigations (CPI) on Thursday night to check on Noel’s wellbeing at the family’s residence.

Police were informed by Cindy Rodriguez-Singh that Noel was in Mexico with his biological father. But CPI discovered that wasn’t the case. Also, relatives revealed to CPI that they hadn’t seen Noel since November.

The mother seemed to be deliberately evading authorities, according to the CPI investigator, Spencer added.

“When (CPI) sought to get in touch with the mother of the child, they learned that she had picked up the kids from school and had not brought them back that day. That’s when the worry started, “Spencer revealed.

At a press conference held on Sunday, he said that CPI had previously looked into and taken action against Cindy Rodriguez-Singh.

Since she reportedly made a fake complaint about someone being missing, police have issued an arrest warrant for her.

Candace Sweat tweeted a post on her official Twitter account and wrote about the missing 6 year old disabled boy: 

Mother Refuses to Help Search

Spencer said that “we don’t know whether he’s receiving it” since “(Noel) needs to be on oxygen at particular periods in time.”

The Texas Rangers and FBI have been assisting the Everman police with the investigation.

In an interview with reporters, Spencer said, “We have a six-year-old crippled kid who cannot be found, is gone, and the mother is not ready to assist with detectives to just ensure that the youngster is safe. We are urgently asking for the public’s help.”

Spencer said that this was one of the oddest situations he had ever seen. “The kid is in the mother’s care. Our only goal in this situation is to make sure the youngster is okay.”

The police said that they are unsure of the family’s ultimate travel plans. They said that Noel’s stepfather is an Indian immigrant to the US.

According to a homeowner who talked with CBS Texas, Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, her husband, and their children resided in a house behind his on his property.

Jeremiah Childers lives two doors down from the family and works at the gas station down the road from their house. He claims that Noel’s mother frequented this establishment.

Childers said, “I have seen the youngster that they are searching for. I had previously seen her with the kids out, so you wouldn’t believe there was a serious problem.

Authorities are pleading with the public for assistance in locating Noel.

Knowing that I came so close to experiencing something similar makes me feel horrible; I wish I could have done more to assist, said Childers.

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