The Boys Season 4: Release Date And Who Else Will Join The Boys In Season 4?

The Boys Season 4

In July of 2022, the third season of The Boys aired its final episode. We watched some brutal and gruesome moments during its eight episodes, including some wild sequences in “Herogasm,” and so much more. We’re now eagerly awaiting the premiere of the fourth season of the Prime Video series.

Yes, it was announced in June 2022, shortly after the airing of Season 3, that a fourth season of The Boys will really be produced. Since Prime Video quickly renewed the show, it’s no wonder that fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of The Boys Season 4.

The Boys Season 4 Potential Release Date: When’s It On?

The Boys’ third season concluded on July 8, and while confirmation of a fourth season had already been made, information on when we may expect to see it has been scant.

Back in June, Karl Urban was quick to let fans know that filming for the next season would begin soon, adding, “I think August 22, we’re going to be starting season four. Now I’m coming back and turning Butcher back on, and it feels so good.

It’s a great group of people to hang out with. We have a lot of fun as we work, and I’m excited to see what happens to the characters next season.

It turned out that Urban’s information was spot-on accurate, right down to the date. Because on August 22nd, showrunner Eric Kripke released a photo of what looks to be the season four premiere screenplay, dubbed “Department of Dirty Tricks,” to Instagram. The caption read simply, “Day One.”

Jack Quaid, who plays Hughie, followed suit, announcing the start of season four production with a photo from the first day of filming for the first season with the caption, “This shot is from the first day The Boys were all on set as a team.

Having the opportunity to begin this adventure with my loved ones once again fills me with a sense of profound gratitude and luck. Let’s go, guys!!! #TheBoys #Season4

Of course, the nice gestures were accompanied by some cussing.

The material above is taken straight from the social networking service Twitter. There’s a chance you can get the same information in a different format, or even more information if you check out their website.

The release of each of the first three seasons of The Boys occurred in June or September, and we expect the same schedule for season four. An early filming schedule gives us hope that it will return at the beginning of that window, in the summer rather than the beginning of October. Read below about to storyline of The Boys Season 4.

In The Boys Season 4, The Story Centers on

Eric Kripke, the show’s writer, has said that the season four plot would revolve around the ongoing feud between Homelander and Billy Butcher, who are currently engaged in the world’s craziest and bloodiest custody battle over Becca’s son, Ryan.

With her newfound partnership with Homelander and gradual ascension to political power, Councilwoman Victoria Neuman is expected to take center stage, as stated by Kripke. Will anyone join The Boys in Season 4, to know this read the next paragraph?

Who Else Will Join The Boys In Season 4?

Who Else Will Join The Boys In Season 4


Two new supers’ costumes have been unveiled. Firecracker is a fiery redhead who sports a red, white, and blue outfit and a gun strapped to her hip. As a result of The Boys’ portrayal of American nationalism in the past, her choice of color may suggest she has questionable morals and is possibly allied with Homelander.

The specific nature of Firecracker’s abilities has not been revealed; however, her name suggests pyrokinesis, like that of the Human Torch from The Fantastic Four, or the usage of flamethrowers, like that of DC’s Firefly.

There are echoes of Scarlett Johansson’s Marvel Universe Black Widow in her fiery hair, skintight outfit, and weapon. The only other Supes in The Boys who regularly employ weapons are Soldier Boy and Gunpowder, so the presence of Firecracker’s gun in promotional photographs naturally raises numerous questions regarding her job at Vought. The role of Firecracker will be portrayed by Valorie Curry.

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Previously, Curry portrayed Charlotte, a nomad vampire who was transformed by the same vampire as Jasper Cullen, in The Twilight Saga, and Dot Everest, the sister of The Tick’s sidekick Arthur, in Amazon’s live-action adaption of The Tick.

The second outfit is that of Sister Sage, another original cast member. Amazingly extravagant, Sister Sage’s outfit is made up of intricate gold and brown textiles that look great with her golden dreadlocks and brown-tinted spectacles. Because of the rings on her fingers, it is speculated that she would wield magical abilities akin to those in Shang Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings.

Some have compared her to Nico Minoru, a magic user from Marvel’s Runaways who goes by the name “Sister Grimm.” Her choice of texture and color is reminiscent of Marvel’s Luke Cage’s snake pattern, which might be a subtle hint at Luke’s superpowers or a remark on the racial tensions beneath the surface of The Boys.

In spite of Vought’s past associations with Nazism and the rising tide of nationalism all around them, The Boys have refrained from providing any substantial opinion on the issue. Sister Sage will be played by Susan Heyward. Fans of Orange is the New Black may recognize Heyward from her role as Tamika Ward in the show’s later seasons.

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