The West Seattle Strip Mall Where Two Armed Robberies Occurred In 8 Days

The West Seattle Strip Mall Where Two Armed Robberies Occurred In 8 Days

Two armed robberies occurred in eight days in a West Seattle strip mall on 35th Avenue.

On February 18, three armed robbers grabbed a worker at gunpoint and stole hundreds of dollars and merchandise from Global Smoke and Vape.

Next door, at A Pizza Store on Sunday night, a man in what the store’s owners described as a tracksuit pulled a revolver on a cashier. They mistook him for a customer picking up a takeout order at first.

“So, as soon as my son is asking him for his order, and at the same time, he pulled a gun at him. And then we know he (is a) robber,” as one of them said.

Never In The Last 25 Years Has There Been A Mall Robbery

She claims this is the first time they’ve been robbed in their 25 years there. She is relieved that no one was wounded, but the ordeal still weighs on her mind.

We are quite concerned. The whole night has been a bust for me in terms of sleep. I can’t stop considering it. What are our contingency plans? It was a question she had.

She also revealed that security cameras would be installed at the eatery as soon as feasible. She is concerned that things aren’t what they used to be in this neighbourhood.

“So, I don’t know if it’s the same people or different, but since it’s in this area, it makes us more scared,” she explained.

The store owners at this shopping centre have requested more police presence. In this way, it can help people feel safer.

While police patrols are an important deterrent, Mike Campbell, co-owner of The Missing Piece Gaming Café, thinks other ways exist to make a neighbourhood safer.

Campbell urged taking “any kind of preventative measure, anything that would be helping these people not be in a situation where they would need to go rob establishments.”

We at KIRO7 have contacted the Seattle Police Department for comment on the heist and any information they may have on a possible culprit.

We will keep you informed if we learn anything. Until then, you can still follow us on Twitter for the most recent news.

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