Theft Of 700 Cans Of Powdered Infant Formula Was Reported In Georgia

Theft Of 700 Cans Of Powdered Infant Formula Was Reported In Georgia

After they reportedly stole $26,000 worth of powdered baby formula from metro Atlanta shops, Georgia police detained three individuals.

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office alerted local law enforcement agencies, according to the Cartersville Police Department, asking that officers keep an eye out for an automobile that may have been involved in a string of instances involving the theft of baby formula cans from Publix supermarkets.

On Thursday, Cartersville Police officers discovered the car in the Publix parking lot at 300 Cherokee Place. Then, when the suspects were about to leave the store, officers waited.

As Regulo Sanchez-Romero, Mateo Sanchez-Romero, and a 16-year-old minor left the store with 12 cans of stolen powdered infant formula, they were apprehended.

Police stated that when they searched the car, they found an additional 662 cans worth $26,000.

The tweet below shows the news of the stolen 700 cans:

Name Of Suspects

The two adults were accused of criminal shoplifting, felony receiving, and contributing to a minor’s delinquency. Mateo Sanchez-Romero and Regulo Sanchez-Romero were charged with giving a fraudulent name and date of birth and driving while ineligible.

Police claim that both guys gave officers their addresses in Dallas. Each of them received bookings for the Bartow County Prison.

If the perpetrators were also accountable for similar thefts in other areas, investigators are trying to find out.

This comes after FDA inspectors briefly closed down the largest domestic formula manufacturer in the U.S. due to bacterial contamination, making baby formula hard to find throughout the previous year.

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