Three Wanted After Desoto County Fair Shooting

Three Wanted After Desoto County Fair Shooting

On Sunday, following the death of a 17-year-old man from gunshot wounds in Arcadia, the City Marshal, Quinn L. Jones, released a statement.

The man had been wounded in the chest, and the statement claims that units responded quickly to begin providing help.

Additionally, a brief video that has been making the rounds on social media was referenced in the statement. They need the public’s assistance to determine the identities of three individuals visible in the video, as well as the person who recorded it.

The following is a description of the people and places captured in these photographs: There is a young Hispanic woman with a black jacket and light jeans, a man in a white or light shirt and shorts with dark shoes, and an older man who appears to be standing in the background and has a beard. To know the full statement given by the police click here NBC

There was a fatal shooting at the DeSoto County Fair on Saturday night, according to the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office.

After receiving a call of a shooting at the Fairgrounds at 8:57 p.m., officers from the Arcadia Police Department arrived on the scene.

Families can be seen in the footage, which was sent to NBC2, rushing and looking for safety.

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This looks to be an isolated incident, and officials have determined that the public is not in danger. The Arcadia Police Department has launched an investigation into the crime.

Daniel Rodriguez Lopez, the victim, has passed away from his wounds.

Ashely Beck, a family acquaintance, told NBC2 that the 17-year-mother old’s is heartbroken and that he is survived by his father and three sisters.

Who among us wants to bury their son at the age of seventeen?” Everyone else doesn’t,” Beck declared.

Due to the clearing of the crime scene, the DeSoto County Fair Association has announced that the midway would be closed on Sunday. They previously said that the park will be opening, but have now altered their plans.

If anyone has any information on the incident, they are being asked to contact the Arcadia Police Department at (863) 494-2222.

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