Tim Allen Net Worth: From Home Improvement to Endorsement Deals and Million-Dollar Earnings

Tim Allen Net Worth

American actor Tim Allen is well-known for his work in such films and TV shows as Galaxy Quest, The Santa Clause, and Home Improvement. He began his acting career in 1988 and has since appeared in over 50 films and TV shows.

However, he hasn’t simply benefited from his time in front of the camera. Besides acting, Tim Allen’s wealth is affected by his writing, endorsements, tool line, and real estate holdings. Find out what works Allen is most proud of and how his career has progressed from the beginning to the present day by reading on.

Tim Allen Net Worth

Actor Tim Allen of the United States is worth an estimated $100 million. Tim Allen is one of the most famous actors working today and has amassed a fortune from his many film and television performances. Stand-up comedy is another one of Tim Allen’s many talents.

Tim’s roles on popular shows like Home Improvement and Last Man Standing have made him well-known. At the height of the show’s popularity, Tim Earned $1.25 Million Per Episode. To this day, that sum ranks as the seventh largest for a TV performer.

Tim Allen: From Home Improvement to Endorsement Deals and Million-Dollar Earnings

Tim Allen From Home Improvement to Endorsement Deals and Million-Dollar Earnings

At the height of his Home Improvement career, Allen was earning $1.25 million every episode. In today’s dollars, that would be close to $1.9 million for every episode. Tim is the seventh-highest-paid TV actor of all time when adjusted for inflation and non-inflation.

Last Man Standing pays Tim Allen more than $235,000 per episode.

Salary figures for Toy Story 2 ($5 million), Galaxy Quest ($2 million), and Joe Somebody ($12 million) are also noteworthy. Infamously, the first Toy Story only netted him $50,000.

Tim Allen’s endorsement deals and advertising deals contribute significantly to his wealth. He voiced the “Pure Michigan” campaign for Travel Michigan’s television and radio ads in 2009. Beginning in April 2010, he voiced Chevrolet Cruze ads. In the same year, he also did some voice work for Campbell’s Soup’s “It’s Amazing What Soup Can Do” commercial.

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