Tragedy in Brownsville Driver Plows into Crowd Near Migrant Shelter, Leaving 8 De@d and 11 Injured

Tragedy in Brownsville Driver Plows into Crowd Near Migrant Shelter, Leaving 8 De@d and 11 Injured

Eight people have now been confirmed dead and at least 11 injured after a driver plowed his car into a group of onlookers in Brownsville, Texas, on Sunday.

According to the Brownsville Police Department, eight individuals passed away at the spot, while at least 11 others were taken to local hospitals. The motorist has been detained and charged, and the police have confirmed that he is a Hispanic guy. However, inquiries are still underway.

Officials have established that the eight fatalities in the collision were all migrants.

Although the driver is receiving medical attention at a nearby hospital and is being watched round-the-clock, the authorities have not yet disclosed any other information about him. The suspect is also undergoing alcohol and drug testing.

Clay Lewis Jenkins posted a tweet related to this news:

The event happened outside of Brownsville’s Ozanam Center, which serves as a shelter for local migrants and the destitute. Whether the shelter was relevant to the attack is unknown.

On Sunday at around 8:30 a.m., the victims were waiting at a city bus stop near the center when the attack took place.

The investigation is still underway, but the driver has only been charged with careless driving thus far. More charges are probably going to be brought, according to Sandoval, who also stated that it appeared that the attack was planned.

According to Valley Central, witnesses near the intersection described seeing multiple dead covered in the roadway as well as a gathering of women praying close by.

This happened less than a day after a shooter opened fire on mall patrons in Allen, Texas, killing eight people and injuring seven more. The gunman, identified as 33-year-old Mauricio Garcia of Dallas, Texas, was shot and killed by police.

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