Tragic Sh**ting at Oliver Citywide Academy Student Fatally Sh*t, Suspect Charged

Tragic Shooting at Oliver Citywide Academy Student Fatally Shot, Suspect Charged

On Wednesday morning in Pittsburgh, a 15-year-old student was shot and k!lled by another student close to Oliver Citywide Academy’s entrance.

Derrick Harris, 15, is the victim, according to the authorities, while Jaymier Perry, 15, is under arrest. Perry is accused of k!lling someone with a gun. In the Allegheny County Jail, he is currently.

The incident took place just before 7:30 a.m., according to Pittsburgh Police Commander Richard Ford, as students were walking to school. After that, they got a ShotSpotter alert for at least 11 shots that were fired.

Police claimed that as they were assisting the victim, they noticed a young person fleeing the scene carrying a gun. After then, he was arrested. According to Ford, the man was initially in serious condition but was subsequently declared deceased at a nearby hospital.

It’s quite annoying, said Ford. “We put forth a lot of serious effort. With the schools, we collaborated. And that’s what we’ll keep doing. It goes without saying that each time a life is lost, it is tragic. Knowing that there is no danger to the public makes me feel a lot better.

Students who were on the bus were either driven home or to Manchester School to meet up with their parents. At the time of the incident, very few pupils were present in the building. The son of Armani Turner is one of the students.

She expressed her worry that her 13-year-old was okay and expressed regret that the administration had not informed her of the occurrence.

I was relieved once I spoke to him, but I’m still anxious because my son is quite active in sports and other activities, so I get to meet a lot of his friends, she added. Nobody wants to receive that call, but I simply want to make sure it isn’t someone he might know or someone I might know from classmates.

Violence at School: Parents Speak Out

Turner continued, expressing her concern that the violence will worsen.

“I just want this to stop happening so frequently,” Turner continued. “I just want parents to communicate with their kids. Know what’s going on, know what your kid is into. And get them help if they need help so this doesn’t keep reoccurring.”

The district eventually decided to cancel the school day, and this week’s classes will be further explained.

Wayne Walters, the superintendent, declared that “this student’s safety was compromised today.” It’s not acceptable.

A student was shot and died outside the school in the early part of last year. Police reported that a student had s*xually and physically assaulted a staff member in September. The district claimed that it was attempting to identify the cause of the violence.

The tweet below shows the related tweet which confirms the news:

The future of the school will be discussed, but no specific safety precautions were mentioned during a press conference on Wednesday, according to officials.

We are thinking about a lot, Walters remarked. However, we’ll be considering Oliver Citywide Academy’s future.

During a City in the Streets event a few hours after the shooting, Mayor Ed Gainey spoke about the violence.

Guns are the unifying factor in all of this, he declared. What did you expect the reaction to be if you filled the streets with guns?

He declared that his government would keep up its efforts to stop teenage gun violence and include kids in non-violent pursuits.

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Gainey stated, “We established a young civic engagement to make sure they are participating with us. Every office has employed interns. I have two. I’m visiting all the schools to speak with the students.

In a statement, Pittsburgh Public Schools said:

“This morning during arrival, a Pittsburgh Oliver Student was shot. After being transported to the hospital, the student later died due to injuries he received in the shooting. Our thoughts and prayers are with the student’s family. Our schools are designed to be a safe place for teaching and learning. Today, that was not the case for a student who was on his way to school to get an education. Pittsburgh Oliver is currently closed, and all students have been transported to Pittsburgh Manchester for a safe reunification with their families. City and School Police are currently investigating the shooting. Out of respect for the student’s family, we will not be providing any further comment on this unfortunate matter.”

You may read the full text of Gainey’s statement, which was also released, below.

“Pittsburgh, please join me in prayer for the family, friends, and the entire Oliver Citywide Academy community as they are once again mourning a young life taken by gunfire. I’m proud of the quick response by our Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, who were on the scene within minutes and were able to apprehend the suspect. Thank you for your continued work in making Pittsburgh safe.

No child should ever have to fear going to school, and no parent should ever worry about their child never coming home. We are working with our Community Violence Intervention teams to provide help and support to students, and we will do all that we can to connect the family to support services.

As a society, we have to reclaim our children, and we have to begin putting our children first. We have cultivated a culture of violence and de@th, celebrated guns, and glorified shooting. We have failed as a country to stop the proliferation of guns, and it is far too easy for a young person to get those guns and retaliate in the way our culture has glorified it.

Pittsburgh, we can and must do better. We have to cultivate a new culture, create a new path forward for our kids, and we are committed to investing in our kids to provide them with hope for a better tomorrow and a future that doesn’t end with bullets and gunfire.

If you want to be a part of our work to end violence in our city, join us. Call us. We are willing to work with everyone who wants to be a part of the solution.”

Sen. Bob Casey, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, tweeted early on Wednesday.

“Just when I tweeted about the Uvalde anniversary, I saw the news of a student shot outside Oliver Academy in Pittsburgh. Another child dead from senseless gun violence. We shouldn’t have to live like this. My office is in touch with local officials and I will continue to monitor the situation closely.”

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