Two Hostages and CHP Officer Shot by Suspect in Roseville, Perpetrator Apprehended

Two Hostages and CHP Officer Shot by Suspect in Roseville, Perpetrator Apprehended

Before being apprehended by police in Mahany Park in Roseville on Thursday, a man is accused of shooting a California Highway Patrol officer, two adults he had taken hostage, and a California Highway Patrol officer, killing one and wounding the other.

According to police and CHP officials who appeared at a press conference, law enforcement heard the CHP notify over dispatch radios that an officer had been shot at approximately 12:30 p.m.

A responding law enforcement officer watched a suspect run off on foot after kidnapping two onlookers, according to authorities.

According to Roseville Police Captain Kelby Newton, the suspect fired at both hostages, killing one of them in the process.

According to the Roseville Police Department and the Roseville Joint Unified High School District, adjacent Woodcreek High School, the Riley Library, and the Mahany Sports Complex were put on lockdown during the gunfire between law officials and the suspect.

The tweet below by RPD confirms the news:

Mahany Park Shooting: Suspect Detained, No Injuries

A witness said that he was at a nearby ballfield and saw several officers “with their guns drawn…yelling at (a young man) to get down. He turned around, I think I saw a gun flash, and the cops just opened up on him. It was very scary for these kids. There were bullets flying.”

No additional civilians or police officers were hurt when the suspect was taken into custody around 1:35 in the afternoon, according to authorities.

According to police, the CHP officer and the remaining captive were both brought to a nearby hospital.

The gunfight left the suspect wounded, and he was brought to the hospital.

Responding law enforcement agencies included the Roseville Fire Department, Lincoln Police Department, Rocklin Police Department, Placer County Sheriff’s Office, and California Highway Patrol.

All Mahany Park facility lockdowns were removed at 3 p.m., and the fitness center and library will stay closed for the remainder of the day, according to the Roseville Police Department.

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