Vikings: Valhalla Season 3, Release Date, Cast And How Many Seasons Can We Expect?

Vikings Valhalla Season 3

Set a century after the events of the first Vikings season, Vikings: Valhalla focuses squarely on the war between the invading Vikings and the indigenous English. The Vikings’ internal battle between their traditional pagan values and the new Christian ideals is explored in the spinoff series as well.

The series dramatizes the exploits of three Vikings: Leif Eriksson, Freydis Eriksdottir (daughter of Erik the Red and an early European explorer of North America), and Harald Sigurdsson (King of Norway and a pretender to the English crown).

Danes in England were massacred in the opening episode of the first season, which takes place around the turn of the 11th century on St. Brice’s Day. The show will likely conclude with William I’s conquest and the Battle of Hastings.

What Is The Netflix Premiere Date For Of Vikings: Valhalla Season 3?

The first season of Netflix’s Vikings sequel series premiered in February 2022, and 11 months later, on January 12, 2023, the second season debuted.

The good news is that the actors and crew have already finished filming Season 3, so we shouldn’t have to wait too much longer than that for its release. The next series is therefore likely to arrive in late 2023 or early 2024.


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Freydis herself, Frida Gustavsson, just told E! Online that filming on season three is complete.

She said, “We shot it already, and it’s wonderful.” “It’s fantastic. And I can hardly wait for everyone else to see it. But there’s still some time left!” Let’s take a look on the cast of season 3.

Who will be in Vikings: The Cast of Season 3?

Death and dismemberment are frequent occurrences in Viking’s Valhalla, and season two was no exception. It’s safe to assume that Stanislav Callas (Jorundr) and Hayat Kamille (Mariam) won’t be back since their characters died in the season two finale.

Sam Corlett (as Leif Eriksson), Frida Gustavsson (as Freydis), and Leo Suter (as Harald) will all return in season three.

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Bradley Freegard will play King Canute, Queen Emma will be played by Laura Berlin, and David Oakes will play Godwin. See the next paragraph to know what will be about Vikings: Valhalla Season 3.

Vikings: Valhalla Season 3 Will It Be About?

Vikings Valhalla Season 3 Will It Be About

In the third season, Harald travels to Constantinople seeking fame and fortune in the Byzantine Empire, but he ends up finding something far more valuable there: love. Harald puts himself in jeopardy by developing feelings for the emperor’s wife.

Meanwhile, Leif keeps his sights set westward on the path that will lead to the discoveries that will cement his place in history. In the third season, Leif is more likely to realize his dream of becoming the first European to set foot in the Americas.

Freydis has stepped into the role of Keeper of the Faith and commander of Jomsborg, one of the remaining Viking strongholds. Her son is Harald’s offspring and Erik the Red’s grandson, therefore he could be a threat as well. How many seasons can we expect from Vikings: Valhalla, keep reading.

If Vikings: Valhalla Returns, How Many Seasons Can We Expect?

A fourth season of Vikings: Valhalla has not yet been confirmed, and it is unlikely that viewers will find out if a fourth season will be commissioned until after the release of season three. If the Valhalla plot concludes in season three, around the time of the Battle of Hastings, then it’s unlikely that the show will be renewed for a fourth season.

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