Is Violent Night 2 Officially In The Works: The Second Episode of Violent Night Will Most Likely Be Released

Violent Night 2

Many people are interested in seeing a sequel to 2022’s Violent Night, which opened to decent numbers and received mostly excellent reviews. Considering how many major characters were killed off in the pulpy, low-budget David Harbour production, any conceivable sequel would have to be a significant departure from the original.

Many different paths are possible for Violent Night 2, thanks to the events of the first film. Violent Night’s largely self-contained story allows for a lot of narrative leeways in a potential sequel. The film’s makers have hinted at a sequel since David Harbour’s Santa Claus was revived and survived the brutal ending. Violent Night 2’s discoveries are below.

Is Violent Night 2 Officially In The Works?

The Wrap exclusively reported today that the sequel to 2022’s Violent Night, a dark and twisted take on the Christmas classic, is in production and would feature the return of Santa Claus (David Harbour).

Violent Night, which was released in early December and cost only $25 million to make, made an impressive $75 million worldwide after its debut. In this film, Santa Claus (who eventually exposes his secret identity as an ancient Viking warrior) defends a family’s Christmas celebration from a band of mercenaries.

Starring alongside Harbour in the holiday action comedy were John Leguizamo (The Menu), Alex Hassell (The Boys), and Alexis Louder (The Tomorrow War).

Tommy Wirkola, Pat Casey, and Josh Miller will all be back to direct and write for Violent Night 2. Wirkola claims that production has not yet begun, saying, “We’re talking about it and we’re simply making deals and putting everything in order.”

The Success Of Violent Night At The Box Office Increases The Probability Of A Sequel

The Success Of Violent Night At The Box Office Increases The Probability Of A Sequel

The success at the box office of Violent Night bodes well for the idea of a continuation of the series. The film had a budget of $20 million, but only generated about $13.3 million in its opening weekend in the United States. After only one weekend in theatres, the film has already recouped its production costs, not counting foreign earnings of more than $7 million.

There’s a good likelihood that David Harbour’s Violent Night will continue to do well for some time after the Christmas season ends, though it’s hard to say how long that will be. This bodes well for the possibility of a sequel.

What Could David Harbour’s Santa Do Next In The Bloody Second Part Of Violent Night 2?

Even while it’s unlikely that Violent Night 2 would follow in the footsteps of the original film and include a self-contained Die Hard-style plot, there are still lots of avenues that might be taken in the sequel. Since the previous movie proved that Santa exists without depicting other elements of his mythology, the sequel to Violent Night may explore Santa’s origins.

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After the events of Violent Night, David Harbour’s Santa Claus is thoroughly established as a successful vigilante, which raises the possibility that in the sequel we may see him dispense his now-familiar brand of festive justice, albeit under slightly different and perhaps higher-stakes conditions. In any case, the sequel can go in a wide variety of interesting and exciting paths.

The Second Episode of Violent Night Will Most Likely Be Released

In light of McCormick’s encouraging feedback, it appears that filming on Violent Night 2 will soon get underway. Since this is a low-budget, nearly one-set action comedy, making a sequel should be a breeze. The first picture, for example, was shot rapidly between January and March 2022 in anticipation of a December 2022 release.

The original Violent Night, however, had an established story and cast by January 2022, neither of which would apply to a potential sequel. This means that we probably won’t see the release of Violent Night 2 until at least 2024.

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