Virginia Guy Arrested For Stealing Gun Store, Fleeing On Metrobus

Virginia Guy Arrested For Stealing Gun Store

An individual was apprehended after he robbed a gun shop in Arlington, Virginia, and then attempted to flee on a Metrobus.

A 22-year-old man wearing a ski mask entered the NOVA Armory on Wilson Boulevard on Thursday and took a gun and ammo, according to the Arlington County police.

According to reports, an employee urged the man to take off his mask before he could purchase any merchandise, but he refused and left the store with his purchases.

A worker tried to stop him, but he punched her in the face, stormed out of the store, and boarded a Metrobus. There were no reported injuries.

On Thursday at 1:30 p.m., police stopped a Metrobus at the intersection of Wilson and Danville. An eyewitness informed FOX 5 DC that police surrounded the location and eventually boarded the bus to arrest the suspect.

Several locals were worried about their safety once NOVA Armory relocated last summer.

At the time, one woman warned that crimes like Thursday’s robbery could increase at the new location.

“Someone rides the subway over here because they know there is a gun shop in the vicinity. Please enter and exit. There’s nothing anyone can do if you get back on the Metro, “what she revealed to FOX 5 DC.

Others in the area reported that police arrived seconds after the crime on Thursday and arrested the perpetrator.

According to police, the suspect is being held in jail without bail.

Brandon Thompson said in a tweet, “Virginia man arrested after robbing gun store”

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