Warrant Says Cops Discovered Suicide Note And Firearms In Nashville Shooter’s House

Warrant Says Cops Discovered Suicide Note And Firearms In Nashville Shooter's House

According to an inventory of things collected, when investigators carried out a search warrant at the residence of the gunman who murdered six people at a Nashville school last week, they discovered a suicide note in addition to more guns and ammo.

Just over a week after the shooting at The Covenant School, which left three 9-year-olds and three adults dead, the search warrant and the list of things discovered were made public on Tuesday.

The search warrant, which was carried out on the same day of the massacre, reveals that in addition to the shooter’s diaries, investigators also discovered numerous Covenant School yearbooks and a school picture. The list says that some of the periodicals are classified as having to do with “school shootings; handgun training.”

The list shows that 47 things in total were seized.

In the assault, which was organized “over months,” 28-year-old Hale discharged 152 bullets, according to a press release from the police on Monday. Hale “acted fully alone” and “examined the conduct of previous mass killers,” according to the press statement.

According to the authorities, Hale was receiving treatment for an emotional illness. According to Metropolitan Nashville Police Chief John Drake, Hale had lawfully acquired seven firearms and had them concealed at home.

Hale was carrying three firearms throughout the assault, which came to a stop when cops from Nashville arrived and engaged the gunman.

At 10:27 a.m., 14 minutes after the gunman entered the exclusive Christian school, two officers opened fire, killing Hale, as seen in subsequently released bodycam film, according to Nashville police spokesman Don Aaron.

The motivation for the assault is still being investigated by police, although they previously said that notes left behind by Hale, which are still being examined by police and the FBI, showed it was “prepared and premeditated.”

According to investigators, Hale specifically targeted the school and Covenant Presbyterian Church, which the school is affiliated with; nonetheless, the victims were likely shot at random.

Evelyn Dieckhaus, William Kinney, and Hallie Scruggs, three 9-year-old victims, as well as school custodian Michael Hill, 61, substitute teacher Cynthia Peak, 61, and the school’s principal Katherine Koonce, 60, were all killed.

CNN confirms the news on their official Twitter account:

Police Joined Together To Create A Squad That Found The Gunman

Four police officers who reacted to the shooting on Tuesday spoke to journalists about how their education helped them find the perpetrator.

Two employees were thanked by Officer Rex Engelbert for “staying on the scene and not running.” He stated they provided him with “the precise key I needed to access the facility” and the succinct information he required.

As part of the squad that vacated the classrooms and looked for the gunman, Engelbert, and Detective Sgt. Jeff Mathes participated. They were shot by the gunman as they approached the atrium on the first level.

We passed through a set of double doors even though Mathes remarked, “We were still unclear where it was, but our task is to go towards it.”

The group was joined by detective Michael Collazo, who had heard that the shooter could be on the second level.

The first bullets were fired somewhere in that time period, and that is when everything for us sort of went into overdrive, according to Collazo.

They came upon a victim on the ground after ascending a staircase and walking along a corridor on the second level.

“We all walked over a victim, doing what our training instructs us to do in similar circumstances, and responding to the stimuli. I still have no idea how I accomplished it ethically, but my training was what got me through it, Mathes added.

The structure was engulfed in smoke, and the fire alarm was sounding, according to Collazo. Suddenly a shot from a rifle was heard to their right.

He instructed Engelbert, who was carrying a rifle with a scope, to lead the group to the shoot. According to Engelbert, the situation was developing “quite similar to the instruction we get.”

As we got close to the gunman, Mathes stated, “The shooter was neutralized,” therefore Mathes said, “We then moved continuously towards the sounds of gunfire.”

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After A Demonstration In The Capitol, State Representatives Risk Being Expelled

The school massacre, which was the bloodiest since a school in Uvalde, Texas, when 21 people, including 19 children, were slain in May, reignited a dispute this week in the state legislature about the problem of gun violence in America and access to weapons.

On Monday, Tennessee House Republicans moved the action to remove three Democratic state lawmakers who took part in demonstrations last Thursday at the state Capitol demanding stricter gun laws in the aftermath of the tragic mass shooting.

According to The Tennessean, a vote on whether to eject the three members, Reps. Gloria Johnson of Knoxville, Justin Jones of Nashville, and Justin Pearson of Memphis are scheduled on Thursday.

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