We Have A Ghost Release Date, Trailer, Cast And The Plot

We Have A Ghost

When a ghost appears in your attic, what do you do? You should press the record button and hope your video is widely shared online. We Have a Ghost is an R-rated horror comedy written and directed by Christopher Landon (Freaky, Paranormal Activity), starring David Harbour (Stranger Things) and Jahi Winston (Everything Sucks!, Charm City Kings). Keep reading to learn more about “We Have a Ghost.”

What Time And Where Can I Catch We Have A Ghost?

You can stream We Have a Ghost on Netflix starting February 24.

Already the movie’s official trailer has over 1.27 million views, so it’s safe to assume that it’ll do well on Netflix. The trailer provides a decent preview of the plot, which involves a ghost named Ernest terrorizing Kevin’s family, and the family capitalizing on the situation by making the spirit a viral sensation on the internet.

The Official Trailer For We Have a Ghost


Ten days ago, the We Have a Ghost trailer found its way to Netflix and YouTube. So far, the trailer has been viewed over 1.2 million times, and most YouTube viewers agree that it seems like a good time. When filming in July 2021, Anthony Mackie expressed his enthusiasm for the project.

Performers Of We Have A Ghost

Anthony Mackie, who played the Falcon in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and David Harbour, who played Eleven in Stranger Things, will star in the next Marvel/Hawkins, Indiana crossover film from Netflix, but that’s not all the A-listers you’ll see in this movie.

In addition to Erica Rash, Isabella Russo, Jennifer Coolidge (Army of the Dead), Steve Coulter (The Watcher), Faith Ford (Atypical), and Niles Fitch (Atypical), Tig Nataro (Army of the Dead) will also star in the film.

With these actors, you know it will be an entertaining picture, and if you aren’t already excited about it, this intriguing plot summary should do the trick.

The Plot Of We Have A Ghost

The Plot Of We Have A Ghost

In the horror comedy film, We Have a Ghost, a teenager called Kevin moves into a rundown property that his parents have just purchased for a price that seems strangely low. The mansion is haunted, and Kevin learns it is called the “House of Death.” Kevin and Ernest ultimately meet up after finding the house, and it is in the attic that the Ghost tries to frighten them.

Kevin, though, can only laugh at the futile effort. Kevin secretly films the Ghost and then uploads the video, turning the Ghost into a viral hit. The family continues to document the apparition, drawing the neighborhood’s interest and beyond. When Ernest loses his voice and memory, Kevin offers to help him wrap up some loose ends. Movie director Geoff Manaugh adapted his short story “Ernest” for the screen.

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