What Happened In The Nashville Shooting At Covenant School

What Happened In The Nashville Shooting At Covenant School

In the Nashville, Tennessee, Covenant School on Monday, a shooting left three children and three adults dead.

Officers shot and killed the suspected gunman, Audrey Elizabeth Hale, 28, a resident of Nashville, according to the police.

Nashville Tennessee posted a tweet on the tragic loss of life at Covenant School:

The investigation’s chronology of what we know happened is shown here. All time is local.

According to authorities, the accused gunman entered the Christian school via a side door and fired rounds while moving from the first level to the second story.

As they heard gunfire coming from the second floor, officers went inside the school and started emptying it, according to the investigation.

On the second floor, a group of five cops came and discovered a gunman who was shooting. According to investigations, two cops confronted the subject, who was shot and killed.

Shrimant Mane posted a tweet about the shooting at school, 3 children among 6 dead in school shooting:

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