What Happened To Mandalore? Is It True That The Land Of Mandalore Is Poisonous?

What Happened To Mandalore

This week’s episode of The Mandalorian marked the official arrival of Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) and Grogu on Mandalore.

Despite being a member of the Creed, Djarin had never set foot on Mandalore; he was raised as a foundling by the Children of the Watch on the nearby planet of Concordia.

Djarin had heard that the air of Mandalore was “cursed” and “poisoned,” so it was a pleasant surprise when he and Grogu arrived and found it excellent for breathing.

But, to others who grew up there, like Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff), the place is unrecognizable.

What exactly transpired on Mandalore, and what information does Episode 3 of the second season of the Disney Plus drama provide?

What Happened To Mandalore?

As Bo-Katan explains, Mandalore was once a prosperous society. Shortly after the Empire’s ascension to power, Bo-Katan took the throne with the Darksaber in her hands and, together with a unified Mandalore, declared independence from the Empire.

In what became known as “The Great Purge,” the Empire launched a full-scale assault on Mandalore. Some Mandalorians, like Bo-Katan, survived, but the entire culture was nearly obliterated in a single night.

Some considered the planet to be cursed, but anyway, millions of Mandalorians were slain. From then on, the Mandalorians were obliged to operate in secrecy.

In the third season of The Mandalorian, we witness what is left of Mandalore, including some animals (such the Alamites and the epic Mythosaur) that plainly survived the Great Purge.

Djarin and Bo-Katan also explore the Living Waters of Mandalore, which are maintained among the ruins.

Star Wars Holocron also tweeted about The Mandalore:

Bo-Katan tells Djarin about the history of Mandalore, saying: “It wasn’t that long ago. You’d never know it looking at all this destruction.”

Bo-Katan says, “The Empire set out to punish us, to wipe away our memory,” and Djarin confirms that “it seems like it’s been centuries.”

“It must pain you to see it like this after witnessing its beauty,” Djarin tells her, with Bo-Katan calling for the unification of the Mandalorians and saying: “What pains me is seeing our own kind fight one another time and time again, killing each other for reasons too confusing to explain. It made us weak. We had no hope to resist being smashed by the fist of the Empire.”

The Mythosaur, a mythological creature from Mandalore, is finally revealed to be more than a figment of imagination at the episode’s close.

Several interpretations of the shocking conclusion are possible. There is widespread anticipation that we will witness Djarin riding the Mythosaur, just as the ancient Mandalorians did. That may also portend good things for Mandalore’s future. Bo-Katan hasn’t given up hope in his ideal of a united Mandalorian people.

Is It True That The Land Of Mandalore Is Poisonous?

Is It True That The Land Of Mandalore Is Poisonous

According to the Legends, “glassing” was the biggest crime committed by the Empire. While most strikes are precise and targeted, “glassing” is random and has no specific objective. Star Destroyers would circle a planet, raining destruction down on it until nothing was left but ash.

Knowing how vital their homeworld was to the Mandalorians, the Empire went to extremes in the Mandalorian Purge to make it completely uninhabitable. A continuous barrage would destroy any surviving plants and animals. It would fuse the surface into a crystalline structure, causing further growth impossible.

The peculiar features of the bear, however, are likely why the Empire’s efforts failed on Mandalore, as hinted at by several shots in the season 3 teaser of The Mandalorian. Flying above what is unmistakably the ruined capital city of Sundari, we see Din Djarin and Grogu in one shot.

In theory, glassing would completely wipe out a city; however, even after it has been used, some buildings remain. This indicates that Mandalore was severe and cruel enough to withstand the Empire’s onslaught partially.

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