What Happened To Sharkeisha After The Fight: When Sharkeisha Went To Prison

What Happened To Sharkeisha

At the end of 2013, a video surfaced of a young woman named Sharkeisha sucker punching her classmate ShaMichael Manuel. Meme stars quickly got to work with the startling footage, and soon it was a viral sensation. Surprisingly, the vast majority of viewers thought the film to be hilarious, drowning out the few rational voices that recognized the savage assault depicted in the video for what it really was. Read further about what happened to Sharkeisha.

Photographs shared by ShaMicheal revealed she had a black eye and a cut lip. Even though the attack occurred almost eight years ago, memes referencing the footage continue to circulate on social media under the name Sharkeisha.

Have We Lost Sharkeisha?

Houston girl Sharkeisha, who made headlines after she sucker-punched fellow student Shamichael Manuel, was widely reported to have died online. An article on Huzler.com apparently helped propagate the claim that was started by the Twitter account @LilButtSHAR, as reported by The Hollywood Gossip.

A Twitter user recently claimed to be Sharkeisha after the World Star Hip Hop video went viral. On Friday, “she” posted a photo of an injured woman in a hospital bed, setting up a media frenzy. If you believe the Twitter account, Sharkeisha. The person in the photo has her leg restrained in a cast and is shackled to the hospital bed.

The picture was uploaded to Instagram on December 27 with the caption “2 shots, 12 stitches, and still breathing” by @LilButtShar, aka “Queen Sharkeisha.” THANK YOU, LORD. PrayForSharkeisha.” Close to 3,000 people shared it, and almost as many people liked it.

Is Sharkeisha Thompson Still Alive?

They were obviously trying to get people to visit the @LilButtSHAR page by retweeting everyone who mentioned PrayForSharkeisha. The letter sent by “Queen Sharkeisha” looked to have had the desired effect, as users hurried to the Internet to learn if the notorious puncher had died from her phony injuries. The Thompson family would like to express their gratitude to everyone who offered their sympathies and prayers to Sharkeisha and her family during this difficult time.”

After initial reports of Sharkeisha’s injury, Huzlers.com stated that she had died from her wounds as a result of the drive-by shooting. The site reported that Sharkeisha Thompson had been pronounced dead shortly after arriving at a hospital in the Fifth Ward at around 3:30 a.m. on Friday. However, Huzlers.com is a joke website.

The photo was identified as 42-year-old former New York Post model Karen Brim by the Hollywood Gossip, not as Sharkeisha.

What Happened To Sharkeisha After The Fight?

The video quickly went viral as internet celebrities quickly created stunning parodies. Surprisingly, the vast majority of viewers considered the film to be hilarious, drowning out the few astute observers who saw through the charade and identified the violent assault depicted. Photos of ShaMicheal showed that she had sustained a black eye and a split lip.

Despite the attack having taken place about eight years ago, memes based on the video of Sharkeisha still circulate on social media. If their mutual acquaintance hadn’t filmed Sharkeisha attacking ShaMichael, no one would have known about it. As a direct result of the footage, Sharkeisha was taken into custody and charged with assault.

As a result of her arrest and the subsequent exposure that followed the release of the viral video, Sharkeisha went into social media hiding. We have reason to believe that the @sharkeisha Babyy account, which is still active online, is a forgery.

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Sharkeisha Tyesha Thompson, a 22-year-old woman arrested in Charlotte, North Carolina, in August 2011, is the face depicted in the profile picture. If the account really belonged to the Sharkeisha from the video, she wouldn’t have used a phoney mugshot.

One Twitter user, who went by the handle “Queen Sharkeisha,” began posting messages rejoicing in her newfound fame in the days after the attack. She exclaimed, “I’m trending in Africa!” in her post. “I had no idea they even had Internet service there. I can’t help but feel like a celebrity.”

There are still many people that follow Queen Sharkeisha nowadays. Sharkeisha, however, has decided to restrict access to her tweets to only those she approves.

What Caused Sharkeisha And ShaMichael Rivalry?

In addition to the obvious physical changes that occur in both boys and girls during puberty, raging sexual hormones can be particularly dangerous. Instead of being the allies or the enemies of the kids you’ve been continually preaching the gospel of safe sex to, it’s time to listen to them. To Sharkeisha and ShaMichael, sexual hormones were the lesser of two evils imposed by the “ladies’ code.” Girls are explicitly forbidden from having a romantic interest in or dating other girls’ boyfriends, CRUSHES, or dates. And then all hell broke loose since one of the girls had broken the code.

Before their major disagreement, the girls were the best of friends. ShaMichael visited Sharkeisha’s residence to retrieve her belongings without her knowledge. On the other side, Sharkeisha had set up an ambush for her. Sharkeisha was upset because of a boy at school who was a mutual crush on both of them, as disclosed by ShaMichael.

When Sharkeisha Went To Prison

When Sharkeisha Went To Prison

At first glance, the event may have been written off as a comedic skit, traffic-generating content, or anything similar. However, it turned out to be an obvious case of assault. ShaMicheal got a cut lip, a black eye, and some other scrapes and bruises. The tragedy left ShaMichael’s mother in shambles. Maybe the incident wouldn’t have gone viral if their other pals hadn’t filmed it. In the end, Sharkeisha was apprehended and held on a $500 bond before being freed.

Exactly where Is Sharkeisha At This Time?

Many unconfirmed reports about Sharkeisha’s demise have surfaced over the years. The first person said an unidentified driver struck her and killed her. The other said she was killed in a drive-by with her buddy, who managed to escape unharmed. However, her continued existence has been verified, dispelling these allegations. New York is home to Sharkeisha, who also works as an Instagram model. But both offline and online, she keeps a modest profile.

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