Who is Whitney Cummings Dating After Breakup With Her Fiance?

Whitney Cummings Dating

Whitney Cummings is a well-known comedian and TV personality who has hosted several successful shows. She also hosts a podcast, and writes, produces, and directs films. Early in her career, Whitney made frequent appearances as a roundtable guest on E!’s late-night chat show “Chelsea Lately,” where her stand-up comedy soon became her forte.

In addition to roasting Joan Rivers (2009), David Hasselhoff (2010), and Donald Trump (2011) for “Comedy Central Roasts,” she has also roasted other celebrities. Read below who is she dating now?

Whitney Cummings Dating

Despite Whitney’s newfound reclusiveness, it is known that she is seriously seeing Alex Barnes, a veterinarian she met during the COVID-19 epidemic. The couple’s first meeting was precipitated by a tragic event involving Whitney’s foster dog.

In August 2021, Whitney explained in an interview on ‘LIVE with Kelly and Ryan’ that she had to quickly find a veterinarian when one of the dogs she was fostering was inadvertently harmed by another.


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“Alex came out and recognized me… and started to help me,” she said after numerous professionals had turned her and her bleeding dog away because of the pandemic. She went on to say that she was immediately attracted to Alex despite the fact that he is younger than her.

After a few more meetings and talks, they started dating for real in July of 2021. In October of the same year, during one of the gigs of her ‘Touch Me Tour,’ Whitney revealed she is in support of the idea of proposing to the guy first, which is not the standard practice.

She admitted, “I’m not great at picking guys or relationships,” during her act. But there’s something I’ve never shared with you guys before, and I want to make sure you all know about it. I’m hoping to pop the question to the guy I’ve been seeing soon.

Hey, I’m 39, not a kid anymore. I don’t have time for him to organize a f**king scavenger hunt proposal,” she told The Sun. After that, she asked, “So Alex, will you make me the happiest girl in the world and let me buy my own engagement ring since you can’t afford the one that I want?”

“Yeah, he’s great, it’s going great,” she continued. I think having kids with him would be great, but I’m waiting to take the plunge until we’ve taken the 23andMe test. First, we need to see those outcomes. Also, Whitney addressed egg freezing in 2015 in an interview with Vanity Fair.

“I feel like I was dating people just because I was on a deadline,” she admitted. So, it’s clear that Whitney and Alex are doing well as a couple, and all we can do is wish them a wonderful, prosperous future together.

Whitney Cummings and Miles Skinner Call Off Engagement

Whitney Cummings and Miles Skinner Call Off Engagement

At the beginning of 2017, Whitney Cummings was seeing Miles Skinner, a Creative Director, and Media Strategist she had met online. After dating for over a year, Miles finally popped the question on the comedian’s birthday in September 2018.

Whitney posted an update to her Tumblr saying, “Today I got engaged. I handled it great! This just goes to show that if you work on yourself, trust your gut, and keep your ego in check you too can find love on a dating app.”

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Whitney and Miles declared their final separation from each other in early 2020, after a year and a half after they exchanged engagement rings. Whitney said, “I am not wearing an engagement ring,” on the February 2020 episode of the ‘Good For You’ podcast. I’ve broken up with my fiance. No bad vibes here, and no drama. I know no one would believe me, but the truth is that I was completely unprepared to organize a wedding.

She said that it had become too hard to deal with the wedding preparations because of her mother’s poor health after a stroke. My mother’s health is quite poor. The planning seemed like a daunting and depressing prospect to me. The comic said, “I don’t see why wedding preparations have to be so dreary.”

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