Who Died in Euphoria: The Second Season of Euphoria May End With Custer Death

Who Died in Euphoria

Euphoria, the most tweeted-about show on television and a phenomenon throughout the internet, ended on Sunday with an explosive yet still problematic climax. The season came to a close with some great points, such as another Emmy-worthy performance from lead Zendaya, and some terrible points, such as how Barbie Ferreira’s Kat was almost completely abandoned out of the blue for no apparent reason. There was still a chance that the season finale would be able to land on its feet without sacrificing its characters. Scroll below to know who died in Euphoria.

Who Died in Euphoria?

After being warned off by Faye (Chloe Cherry), who first tries to shift the focus on Laurie, Fezco (Tyler Chase) realizes that he is being recorded as part of a sting operation. Not knowing this, Ashtray immediately stabs Custer despite Fezco’s best efforts to restrain him. When officers enter the house, things quickly escalate. Fezco planned to frame someone else for killing Custer so he could protect Ashtray.

Strangely, the young man instead decides to have a final showdown with his family by locking himself in the toilet with all the weapons he owns. Ashtray kills a cop, Fezco is caught in the crossfire, and Ashtray ultimately dies from his own gunshot wound. An extraordinary scene, with a barrage of gunshots drowning out practically everything else so that the tragedy of the firefight can take center stage.

Does Euphoria End With Ashtray’s Demise?

In light of Custer’s betrayal, the brothers’ safety is in jeopardy right now. S.W.A.T.-like forces barge into their residence, most likely to dig into the circumstances behind Mouse’s (Meeko Gattuso) untimely demise. After being cornered by the SWAT team, Ashtray takes his rifle into the restroom and ends up shooting one of the officers.

Ashtray is responsible for the deaths of at least two people in Euphoria Season 2. In the first episode of Season 2, he kills Mouse with a hammer, and in the last episode, he shoots one of the police officers. At the conclusion of the episode, one of the S.W.A.T. team members shoots Ashtray in the head, seemingly killing him.

References to Rue’s Eulogy Appeared in the Second Season Finale of Euphoria

Throughout Season 2 of Euphoria, Rue’s struggle to cope with her father’s death was a persistent theme, and the final episode perfectly illustrates the unanticipated effects of Lexi’s play. Perhaps the scenes are alluding to the larger goals of Euphoria.

While Lexi’s sister Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) seems to take the play personally in a bad way, Rue seems appreciative to Lexi for offering a detailed picture of her emotions following the death of their father.

Considering the current controversy surrounding a D.A.R.E. press release, the narrative takes on further significance. The group alleges that in Euphoria, students “mistakenly chose to promote and erroneously depict high school student drug use, addiction, anonymous sex, violence, and other detrimental activities as common and pervasive in today’s environment.”

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Will Faye Perish be in the Second Season Finale of Euphoria?

False, Faye does not meet an untimely end. When the cops arrive, she is standing directly at the front door, and as they walk inside the house, the camera pans to her while she is lying on the ground, handcuffed.

In the Season 2 Conclusion of Euphoria, Does Fez Die?

During the raid, Fez takes a gunshot to the side and collapses to the ground after being hit by one of Ash’s errant shots. He observes Ash’s death from the floor where he has fallen during the rest of the gunfight.

Fez is rolled over by the cops, handcuffed, and led out of the house in the last scene. We don’t know if Fez makes it through the gunfire, but if we didn’t see him die on screen, he probably did.

The Second Season of Euphoria May End With Custer Death

Custer arrives at Fez’s house and announces that the police have recovered Mouse’s body in an effort to persuade Fez and Ash to admit to the murder via a wiretapped phone.

Faye then manages to send a silent signal to Fez, and Ashtray quickly realizes that something is seriously wrong. Ashe rises and slashes Custer in the side of the throat. Fez, infuriated by Ash’s latest murder, covers Custer’s lips to muffle his cries. As Custer bleeds to death, Fez smothers him.

Any Idea What Became of Fez And Ashtray?

Any Idea What Became of Fez and Ashtray

Fans have been bracing themselves for bad news about Fez and Ashtray ever since episode 7 aired a week ago. Custer held Fez up as he was preparing to videotape their talk as proof that Fez and Ash murdered Mouse when Fez was getting ready to watch Lexi’s play.

While Faye was trying to protect Fez and Ash in advance, she asked Custer if Laurie had killed him. Custer, knowing this to be untrue, quickly shot down her theory. Fez intervened shortly thereafter, but it was already too late to prevent Ash from slashing Custer’s throat with a box cutter. After choking Custer, Fez told Ash to leave so that Ash could be the fall guy.

Ashtray protests, hiding in the bathroom with a rifle, because it’s clear that he loves Fez and would do anything to defend him. Ashtray started shooting through the door and inadvertently hit Fez in the stomach as the police surrounded their house. Fez obliged and tried to urge the officers not to shoot because Ash is a child. Fez isn’t necessarily dead, but he’s in bad shape anyway. Then, Ashtray shot one officer and pointed the red laser at his forehead before being killed by gunfire.

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