Who Died in Fast X? Fast X Only Has 2 Character Deaths

Who Died in Fast X

In Fast X, the tenth installment of the Fast & Furious franchise, Dominic Toretto and his heroic family return. But who exactly meets their end in this chapter?

Dom (Vin Diesel), whose family is threatened by Dante (Jason Momoa), must defend them. Some viewers may be wondering if any of their favorite characters will meet their untimely demise in Fast X, given that this has happened in previous Fast & Furious films. Everyone who passes away in Fast X is listed below.

Beware, this article contains Fast X spoilers.

Who Died in Fast X?

Jakob Toretto (John Cena) and Diogo (Luis Da Silva Jr.) are two people who are probably certainly no longer alive.

During a street racing with Dom (Vin Diesel), Dante (Jason Momoa), and Isabel (Daniela Melchior), Diogo is killed. Dante discloses that he has placed two explosives on Diogo and Isabel’s car as they race down the road, forcing him to make a difficult decision on who to save.

Diogo pulls ahead of the pack, so Dom spins Isabel’s car and removes the explosives from under her. Dante sets off Diogo’s bomb, which tragically explodes, killing him instantly.

Given Jakob’s recent introduction in F9, his death will come as a shock to most viewers. For most of the film, he acts as a caretaker and intermediary between “Little B” and his father. They drive and blast their way out of problems upon arrival in Portugal, but not before Dante grabs Brian from the rear of Jakob’s car while he’s unjamming the cannons.

Dom picks him up in an incredible helicopter rescue maneuver and drives off, but he soon realizes that he is driving directly into a new fleet of enemy vehicles. To protect his brother and nephew, Jakob orders his cousin to “step out of his shadow” before activating the car’s cannons to launch them into the air and head-on into the rest of the squadron.

To Whom Does Fast X’s… However, Isn’t He or She Actually Dead?

To Whom Does Fast X's... However, Isn't He or She Actually Dead

It would appear that Roman, Tej, Ramsey, and Han have been killed when Aimes shoots down their plane with a javelin missile, however, this is obviously not the case.

Early in the film, the quartet must escape to London after being falsely accused of a terrorist assault in Rome. After Pete Davidson’s black market dealer betrays them for the “dope reward,” they turn to Deckard Shaw for assistance and are eventually able to secure a plane ticket to Portugal.

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Dom and Brian are waiting atop the dam to be blown to kingdom come when they arrive. New agency head Aimes, who has known Dante for ten years, shoots a rocket at the plane, sending it tumbling to the ground, but we never see it crash. They must have made it over the mountain since we just saw a volley of gunfire coming from the opposite side. They can’t possibly be dead.

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