Who Is Alec Baldwin: According To TV Location Manager, Alec Baldwin’s Fatal Shooting On “Rust” May Have Been Intentional

Who Is Alec Baldwin

By Hollywood standards, Alec Baldwin’s career has lasted quite a while, and his acting pedigree is outstanding.

The American actor has made news before, but this time it was because of the death of cameraman Halyna Hutchins on set when he accidentally shot a toy gun.

The eldest of four brothers, all of whom work in the entertainment industry, the 63-year-old is undoubtedly the most well-known due to his famed Hollywood roles and personal drama.

Who Is Alec Baldwin?

American actor Alexander Rae Baldwin III (better known as Alec Baldwin) was noted for his shady characters. On April 3, 1958, he entered Massapequa, New York. In 2023, at the age 65, he’ll be an Aries.

Of his parents’ six children, Baldwin is the second-born. Three of the brothers also went into the acting business. There are three of them, and their names are Stephen, William, and Daniel.

He enrolled at George Washington in 1976 with the intent of studying law but transferred to New York University to pursue a career in theatre (B.F.A., 1994).

He managed to secure a role in the daytime soap opera The Doctors (1980–1982) while still in school.

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Afterward, Baldwin appeared in several additional shows before becoming a regular in the cast of the acclaimed late-night drama Knots Landing (1984–1985).

During this time, he was also active on stage, with his first Broadway appearance occurring in the 1986 production of Loot.

According To TV Location Manager, Alec Baldwin’s Fatal Shooting On “Rust” May Have Been Intentional

Alec Baldwin's Fatal Shooting On Rust May Have Been Intentional

According to John Dilbeck, a seasoned Hollywood TV location manager, Alec Baldwin’s death on the set of the film “Rust” may not have been an accident but rather an act of revenge.

Dilbeck told the U.S. Sun that Alec Baldwin’s murder of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was merely a glimpse into the workings of the Hollywood film industry.

Dilbeck creates a picture of a toxic climate between the staff and the performers, which leads him to suspect that Alec Baldwin may have been set up by a member of the team.

“I don’t think Alec Baldwin intended to murder anyone, but someone may have put that round in the chamber on purpose to set him up because they were sick of his abuse,” one source said.


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Alec Baldwin Shouldn’t Negate Any Blame

He criticized Alec Baldwin and other performers for their egotism and included himself in that group.

“By their own orchestration of cutting money and costs, they created the parameter of danger and they are absolutely responsible. And when I say they, [I mean] Alec Baldwin is responsible. He is an executive producer. He has done this long enough to know better. He’s tried to blame virtually everyone else.”

On Twitter Alec Baldwin & Michael Rapaport curse each other out:


Dilbeck Hopes To Use Alec Baldwin As An Example

Dilbeck said the crew members on the set had gone on a strike the same day of shooting because of the high cost of COVID-19 protocols and the fact that actors still charge the same amount to make a movie, leaving crew members with a smaller piece of the pie. He added that if the industry doesn’t punish Alec Baldwin for breaking the rules, then no one will break the rules.

“He kept pushing and pushing the crew. We know there were many crew strikes leading up to that incident. They had multiple strikes, even on the day of the shooting. If I was a location manager on Rust, I would have stopped and shut their permit down. I could have saved someone’s life potentially like I was trying to with Nancy.”

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