Who Is Ashley Johnson And Who Does Ashley Johnson Play In The Last of Us show?

Who Is Ashley Johnson

In The Last of Us, Ashley Johnson is making a comeback. The season 1 finale of the HBO series will include the 39-year-old actress who created the part of Ellie. When Ellie’s narrative is told, Ashley will be a significant player.

Those who haven’t played the game may be curious: who is Ashley Johnson? She started performing at a young age and is now known as the star of an iconic television show. All the information you could want about Ashley can be found on HollywoodLife.

Who Is Ashley Johnson?

Ashley Suzanne Johnson is a well-known face in cinema, television, and video games as an actor and voice actor, among other roles. Her most notable roles have been in the television shows Growing Pains, Recess, and Blindspot. Among her other works of significance are the TV movie Annie: A Royal Adventure!, the film What Women Want, and the video game The Last of Us.

Ashley, who comes from a musical family, began her career when she was a little child. Ashley’s entry into the entertainment industry was facilitated by the fact that her mother was a successful independent filmmaker. She debuted acting in the television series Growing Pains and the film Lionheart. She has also guest-starred on popular shows, including “Phenom” and “Blindspot.”

She is well known for her voice acting roles in media such as “Recess,” “Ben 10: Alien Force,” “Recess: School’s Out,” and “The Last of Us.” She took home two ‘BAFTAs’ for her work on ‘The Last of Us’ and its downloadable extra, ‘The Last of Us: Left Behind.

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Who Does Ashley Johnson Play In The Last of Us show?

Who Does Ashley Johnson Play In The Last of Us show

Ellie’s mother, Anna, is played by Johnson, who created the part (Bella Ramsey currently plays Ellie on the show).

While Ellie’s mother, Anna, isn’t present in the games, she does send her daughter a letter encouraging her to try her best and make Anna proud.

A tweet posted by pri tlou era wrote, “ashley jhnso as ellie”

Anna is in the throes of labor when we first meet her in the episode. To escape a Stalker infected with the Cordyceps fungus, she runs through the woods and seeks refuge at a Firefly stronghold.

Anna gives delivery as the Stalker breaks into the house and attacks her. Anna doesn’t realize she’s been bitten until after she’s killed the Stalker. Ellie’s immunity is due to the virus she contracted while still tied to her mother via the umbilical cord.

The death of Anna is one of the game’s most heartbreaking moments. When she finally gets to hold her baby, she quickly contracts the virus. A bittersweet melancholy permeates the brief moments of happiness she experiences with Ellie. A tender “You tell ’em” escapes her lips as Ellie makes her first cry. You tell ’em to their face, Ellie! She encourages Ellie and praises her for her resilience.

Anna is holding Ellie in episode 7 and singing “The Sun Always Shines on TV” by A-ha, which would have been on Ellie’s A-ha cassette tape. This is later seen when Marlene and the other Fireflies return to the safe house. Even though Ellie doesn’t remember her mother, this sweet detail connects her to Anna and the past.

After promising to look after Ellie, Anna convinces Marlene to shoot her before she changes. She also gives Ellie’s future mother, Marlene, the switchblade she used to sever her umbilical cord from the Stalker. Ellie continues to utilize this switchblade throughout the series.

There are several touching moments between Anna and Ellie in this scenario, but Johnson is the natural gift. She was the inspiration for the Ellie we all know and love. She is honored for her contribution to the series by being cast in the role of Ellie’s mother.

Johnson, in the role of Anna, displays a strong emotional connection to the character, as evidenced by the tender care, she gives the show’s version of Ellie, played by a baby. Johnson is handing off the Ellie mantle to Ramsey, and the two Ellies share the spotlight. This is the most obvious way the show honors its inspiration, paying tribute to its predecessors even as it forges on in its unique direction.

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