Who Is Avery Cyrus? Avery Cyrus Finally Admits She Left Ex-Soph Mosc For Jojo Siwa In Viral Tiktok

Who Is Avery Cyrus

Avery Cyrus (born May 23, 2000) is a media celebrity, entrepreneur, creator, and face of TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms. This charming lady has become a national sensation because of her viral TikTok videos. She has developed a massive fan base on her verified TikTok account.

Who Is Avery Cyrus?

As of the year 2023, Avery Cyrus will be 22 years old, having been born on 23 May 2000. She has spent her entire life in the Colleyville area of Texas. Avery was born in the United States and is a Gemini by birth.

Avery Blanchard is her birth name. In her online monikers, however, she now goes by Cyrus. Colleyville Heritage High School and the University of Houston were Avery Cyrus’s two alma maters.

Avery Cyrus admires the work of the popular recording artist and performer known as “Miley Cyrus.” She is unusual among celebrities in that she has never hidden the fact that she is in a lesbian or gay relationship. Avery Cyrus has always had a keen interest in athletics. As you can see in her films, this piqued her interest in skateboarding.

Avery Cyrus Finally Admits She Left Ex-Soph Mosc For Jojo Siwa In Viral Tiktok

In a recent TikTok video, Avery Cyrus confirmed that the influencer dumped Soph Mosc for Jojo, and then used the opportunity to stoke speculation that Jojo had dumped her as well.

Avery chose to join the popular trend on TikTok of talking about significant life events that had occurred in the past several months or years. The focus then shifts to the actor playing their younger self’s reaction to the news.

After dating for almost two years, Avery and Soph became one of TikTok’s most-watched LGBTQ+ couples before announcing their breakup in public. They’ve stayed in touch since breaking up and do stuff like make movies and take a vacation together.

In her video, Avery brought up the controversy surrounding her breakup with ex-girlfriend Soph and subsequent romance with fellow influencer Jojo Siwa. Watch the clip on this page:

Avery flashes back and forth between her 2023 and 2020 selves in the viral TikTok that has received over 2 million views in only four hours. She starts out by saying she’s now single, then proceeds to explain how she “left [Soph] for someone else” and was ultimately “canceled because of how sh*tty [she] was.”

The Avery Cyrus and Jojo Siwa Drama Continues

The Avery Cyrus and Jojo Siwa Drama Continues

Avery may be confessing guilt for her part in the way the breakup with Soph transpired, but she isn’t passing up the opportunity to throw shade at Jojo in the process. The video ends with the words, “But then the girl you left her for did the same thing to you.”

It’s a continuation of the story that Jojo dumped Avery, even though she claimed that Avery only cared about her for her views and didn’t value the relationship or her.

How Jojo and Soph feel about Avery Cyrus’s new video remains to be seen. But if they do, we’ll make sure you know about it right away.

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