Who Is Brooke Shields Married To? When Did Brooke Tie The Knot?

Who Is Brooke Shields Married To

Brooke Shields is a legend in the film industry. Her early start in the modeling industry propelled her to fame. She made her film debut in Beautiful Baby when she was only 12 years old and has gone on to feature in several successful films and television shows, including Blue Lagoon and Suddenly Susan.

Who Is Brooke Shields Married To?

You may be more familiar with Brooke Shields, but chances are you’ve also seen anything her husband has done.

Chris Henchy, producer, and screenwriter of such comedic hits as Entourage, Land of the Lost, The Campaign, and The Other Guys, has been married to Blue Laguna’s lead since 2001. He was a partner of Gary Sanchez Productions and co-creator of the renowned comedy website Funny or Die with actors Will Ferrell and Adam McKay.

In addition to their two kids, Rowan and Grier, Shields and Henchy have been together for nearly twenty years.

Shields told PEOPLE in March 2023 that laughter is the key to her and Henchy’s long-lasting romance. “He made me laugh and he consistently makes me laugh and doesn’t take anything too seriously so I don’t go down those rabbit holes the way I used to,” she said. “He sort of just brings me back out and says, ‘We’ll figure it out.’ So he’s good at leveling me.”

Who is Brooke Shields married to, then? If you want to learn more about Chris Henchy, you should keep reading.

Chris Henchy Writes Scripts And Produces Movies

Henchy has followed in his wife’s footsteps by becoming a Hollywood star. He has spent decades working as a producer and screenwriter, and his credits include some of the most successful comedic television series and films. He has appeared in several popular comedic films and television shows, including Entourage and Spin City.

He has also worked on many films with Will Ferrell, including The Other Guys, Land of the Lost, The Campaign, Get Hard, and The House, via Ferrell and McKay’s Gary Sanchez Productions. In addition, the three of them created the website Funny or Die.

Henchy likes working behind the scenes, although he has appeared in a few brief parts of films he has directed. Shields, however, is the performer of the two.

“I was cut out of The Other Guys,” he told Collider in 2015. “I was a real estate agent, purchasing a house in Step Brothers. I think my role, my performance was described as pasty. Not the greatest, yeah, I’m not great in front of the camera.”

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Chris And Brooke Tied The Knot In 2001

In 1999, the model made her first introduction to the TV writer. According to Today, she told the story of how she and her future husband met in an extract from her 2005 novel Down Came the Rain. She had taken her pet bulldog Darla to meet pals at the Warner Brothers lot gym.

Chris And Brooke Tied The Knot In 2001
Chris And Brooke Tied The Knot In 2001

Chris was a dog lover and a writer for a program that shot on the lot. She said, “We had a nice talk, and he made me chuckle.”

According to The New York Post, two years later, Brooke and Chris tied married in a beautiful ceremony off the shore of Catalina. Almost twenty years after their little boat wedding, the couple is clearly still very much in love with one other.

They Have Two Children Together

Brooke and Chris have two beautiful kids, who they adore. Rowan Francis, now 19, is their firstborn, and Grier Hammond, now 16, is their second. With the birth of her son Rowan, Brooke had postpartum depression, which she discusses at length in her book.

Now that the children are older, Brooke has opened up on how she and Chris’ approaches to parenting are different in an interview with Good Housekeeping. He just isn’t the judging kind. He’s lenient. This is wonderful for our marriage but not so useful for raising children. She warned, “With kids, that gets you stomped on.

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