Who Is Chase Stokes Dating: The Star Of Outer Banks Chase Stokes Relationships Timeline

Who Is Chase Stokes Dating

Actor Chase Stokes, whose boyish good looks made him a breakout star in the critically acclaimed Netflix series Outer Banks, is a familiar face to many. Chase plays John B., a treasure hunter whose love interest is Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline) in the program. Theirs is the classic tale of teenage star-crossed lovers.

Who Is Chase Stokes Dating?

After breaking up with Madelyn, rumors began circulating that Chase was seeing a number of different women, including Eve Jobs, daughter of the late Apple, Inc. CEO Steve Jobs, and Izzy Metz, another model.

Chase himself started the rumor mill going on January 13, 2023, when he uploaded a photo dump to Instagram, presumably to celebrate his new relationship. One of the photos featured Chase cuddling up to country music diva Kelsea Ballerini during a football game. Kelsea even chimed in with a “go vols” in the comments.

The next time TMZ saw Chase Stokes was in Los Angeles on January 17th, 2023. After being told by the media that he and Kelsea make a lovely couple, Chase said, “Thank you,” thereby confirming the allegations. Chase said, “She’s a sweet girl,” when asked what about Kelsea attracted him. All I’ll say is that we’re enjoying ourselves.

Kelsea addressed the rumors in a TikTok on January 17 after the couple had been rather tight-lipped about their romance. She made a video using a DeuxMoi screenshot as the background, in which anonymous tipsters questioned whether her and Chase’s relationship was a “PR relationship” and claimed that Kelsea had been pursuing the manager of Soho House Nashville.

Kelsea’s first marriage ended in divorce in August 2022 after five years together to fellow country music singer Morgan Evans. Their separation was completed in November of that year, People reports.

During an episode of Tell Me About It with Jade Iovine, Kelsea discussed her breakup, saying, “For a while, it was kind of like, ‘OK, this is just a new part of a relationship,’ because relationships go through seasons, right? And life isn’t guaranteed to be roses and sunshine forever.

“For a long time, I was like, ‘Oh this is just…'” Kelsea continued. In time, the shine will fade. That’s the way it works,’ After that, you enter a period of waiting for it to return. …and then other times it doesn’t.” Keep reading to know Chase Stokes relationships timeline.

The Star Of Outer Banks Chase Stokes Relationships Timeline

Said Xiomara Montalvo

Chase dated Xiomara Montalvo for a very long time before he became famous. Chase hasn’t said much about his previous relationships, although he did touch on the breakup in a May 2020 interview with New York Magazine’s The Strategist.

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A breakup with someone with whom Chase had been together for nearly ten years occurred “a little bit before quarantine,” Chase said.

Madelyn Cline

Madelyn Cline

After the April 2020 debut of Outer Banks, viewers began to wonder if the two were an item. They announced their relationship in June 2020, but by November 2021, after more than a year together, they were no longer together.

A. Izabella Metz

It all started in June of 2022 when Chase and the model were sighted together in New York City. A source informed Us Weekly that after their night out, “Chase and Izzy went to a party at The Box together.” They entered and departed the venue together, and were also spotted in the Marquee. “They were out all night having a good time.”

The observer added that despite their attempts at keeping a low profile, they were “very flirtatious – hugging and holding hands.” Unfortunately, the specifics of what transpired between them remain murky.

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