Who Is Hannah Ann Dating: What Happened To Hannah Ann On The Bachelor?

Who Is Hannah Ann Dating

The Slusses give their approval to their daughter Hannah Ann. They just took their relationship to the next level by meeting each other’s families, and the ex-Bachelorette and NFL star Jake Funk are now an item. Here below who is Hannah Ann dating?

“I met his parents,” she gushed to E! News. “My mom and dad flew out from Tennessee the following week. After making the trek to California, they had a blast seeing him and his family in one day.”

Sluss claimed her parents were supportive of the relationship when they met Funk and spent time with his family.

Who Is Hannah Ann Dating?

The Bachelor nation’s Hannah Sluss is dating Jake Funk, a player for the Los Angeles Rams, it has been confirmed. she made the announcement right before he was to play in the Super Bowl. On Saturday, February 12th, she posted a TikTok on her account in which she addressed their relationship. It showed them sharing a bear hug on the field after winning the NFC title. She said, “One win away” in the video’s description.

Popular Figure from “The Bachelor” Jake Funk, a running back with the Los Angeles Rams, is dating Hannah Ann Sluss. On Saturday, Sluss broke the news of her relationship with the professional athlete on TikTok, then on Sunday, she posted a video to Instagram showing her kissing the man who would be making his first Super Bowl appearance.

Hannah Ann has been primarily unmarried while she has grown her brand and amassed over a million followers on Instagram after being dumped by Peter Weber, the former lead on The Bachelor. At the end of the season, Peter proposed to Hannah Ann after being urged to do so by his now-famous mum, Barb. But he had his sights set on Madison Prewett, and she dumped him midway through the season. Hannah Ann was devastated when Peter abandoned their relationship before After the Final Rose, yet it appears that Hannah Ann has flourished without Peter.

This past Sunday, Hannah Ann posted an Instagram Story in which she gave 24-year-old rookie Rams running back Jake a kiss and captioned it, “Good luck kiss.” Later that day, Jake was scheduled to play in the Super Bowl against the Cincinnati Bengals. In the crowd, Hannah Ann proudly displayed a purse bearing Jake’s jersey number (34).

This season, Jake, a former running back at the University of Maryland, has seen limited action for the Rams. He has two carries for a total of 5 yards. However, he has contributed to the squad by returning four kicks for 88 yards on special teams. Dating him would be one of the rare examples of a reality TV celebrity taking advantage of their newfound fame by dating a professional athlete, despite the fact that he is not a star player on the team. Lauren O’Connell, a former Survivor contestant, dated Bengals tight end C.J. Uzomah for a short time before Super Bowl LVI.

Fans of Hannah Ann are probably relieved to see her doing well in Los Angeles after the heartbreaking conclusion to her story on The Bachelor. She made the most of her time on The Bachelor to improve her prospects once the program ended. There’s no telling how serious Hannah Ann and Jake Funk’s relationship is right now, but it’s evident that working together can only benefit Hannah Ann’s advertising efforts. That Jake doesn’t be sent away from Los Angeles to a less desirable city is in everyone’s best interest, including hers. If not, their potential future together may end before it ever begins.

What Happened To Hannah Ann On The Bachelor?

On The Bachelor, Peter gave Hannah Ann the first impression rose after falling in love with her right away. Hannah Ann’s confidence in her relationship with Peter grew over the season. Peter’s final two were Hannah Ann and Madison, although Madison left before the final rose ceremony. The two eventually became engaged when Peter proposed to Hannah Ann.

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Unfortunately, Peter and Hannah Ann’s relationship went downhill after filming wrapped but before the show aired. After the Final Rose will air in March 2020 and disclose that Peter broke up with Hannah Ann after only a few weeks of engagement. Both his breakup with Hannah Ann and his continued affection for Madison were broadcast on ATFR. They said they were giving things another try, but a day later Peter and Madison broke up.

While Hannah Ann enjoyed her time on The Bachelor, she has now distanced herself from future installments in the series. Hannah Ann has not participated in any Bachelor Nation events since the program ended while continuing to be a significant presence on social media. But now that they’re both single, she and Madison have had a chance to hang out and clear the air about their respective breakups with Peter.

Where Is Now Hannah Ann?

Where Is Now Hannah Ann

Source: CheatSheet

After appearing on “The Bachelor,” Hannah Ann uprooted to the City of Angels. She began dating anonymously when she was living with a buddy. When it comes to “recipes, holiday decor, and [her] actual life,” Hannah Ann is a frequent social media contributor. Fans started discovering that Hannah Ann and Jake were posting from the same locations in early 2022. Not until the day before the 2022 Super Bowl did Hannah Ann acknowledge the relationship with a TikTok video of herself and Jake enjoying a prior Rams’ win.

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