Who Is Harry Styles Dating? After Olivia Wilde Separation, Harry Styles Reunites With Reported High School Ex

Harry Styles Dating

British singer-songwriter-actor Harry Styles was born on February 1, 1994. Beginning his professional life as an auditionee on the British music competition “The X Factor,” he quickly rose to fame.

He eventually became a member of the British boy band One Direction. His 2017 solo album had a number one debut in both the United Kingdom and the United States. His second studio album similarly soared to the top of the Billboard 200 upon its release.

Styles is a two-time Brit Award and Grammy Award winner. In addition to his good looks, the singer has excellent taste in clothing. Styles was a pioneer in that he graced the cover of “Vogue” magazine on his own accord.

Who Is Harry Styles Dating?

Since their breakup, Harry Styles is currently seeing nobody. Olivia Wilde is an actor and filmmaker. Yet, outlandish rumours concerning a possible romance with Jennifer Aniston have appeared. These are the facts as we currently understand them.

Harry Styles, 29, has been linked to Jennifer Aniston, 54, since his breakup with Olivia Wilde in November. Aniston is a well-known actress in her own right. Fans are likely perplexed by the reports, but we have the straight scoop.

Here is Harry Styles recent post on Twitter:

The ‘Friends’ star was sighted at one of Styles’ concerts in Los Angeles, and he admitted to her that she was his first celebrity crush in a 2020 interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. He tore his pants while making a dance move, and she was there to see it.

“My trousers ripped. I feel I must apologize to a certain few of you right down in the front there. I mean, this is a family show!” the ‘Cinema’ singer told the audience after the unlucky moment. Sources told Closer magazine that the situation wasn’t as bad as they made it sound.

After Olivia Wilde Separation, Harry Styles Reunites With Reported High School Ex

Harry Styles Reunites With Reported High School Ex

In the past, Harry Styles and Ellis Calcutt have had a significant impact on each other.

Two months after breaking up with Olivia Wilde, the “Late Night Talks” singer, now 28 years old, was spotted having coffee with a mystery woman in London on Wednesday.

For the occasion, the ex-One Direction member wore a black North Face jacket, black Nike leggings, and black sneakers.

He accessorised with black sunglasses, a tote bag from his Pleasing cosmetics line, and a claw clip in his hair.

Calcutt looked fashionable while strolling with the “As It Was” number one single in tow.

She wore a green turtleneck and a green beanie with dark wash trousers and a black peacoat.

The blonde beauty complemented her look with white sneakers and a cross-body bag.

After Styles’s brief romance with Taylor Swift ended, he reportedly dated Calcutt in the early 2010s.

The first time they were caught together in public in 2012, it was on a movie date in Glasgow, Scotland, but Calcutt insisted they were simply pals.

At the time, she reportedly responded on social media, “Wow, you people are sooo fast to make up rumours,” as reported by the Daily Mail.

“Me and Harry went for coffee together because we haven’t seen each other in a year,” she continued.

In high school, we were nothing more than good buddies. I’m seeing a wonderful guy named Phil, so please quit saying that Harry and I are an item when we aren’t.

Calcutt, whom Styles follows on Instagram, hinted at being engaged in a post in March 2022, but it appears they are still just pals.

Wilde, 38, and Styles, 32, dated for almost two years before they broke up in November, as reported by Page Six.

In other words, “resentment” is not an issue between them. A source at the time informed us, “Harry did not dump Olivia, and Olivia did not dump Harry.”

They have been together longer than any other relationship Harry has ever had.

The source claims that physical separation was a factor in the “Don’t Worry Darling” co-stars’ decision to split up before the holidays.

Considering that “Olivia has her work and her kids,” the source explains, “it’s impossible to maintain a relationship when he’s on every continent next year [on tour].

The two of them would benefit from this decision.

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Some say that Jennifer Aniston and Harry Styles engage in “flirty texting.”

According to Closer, they met at last month’s ‘Love On Tour’ event in Los Angeles and hit it up. As has been widely reported, the actress contacted Styles, and the two have corresponded.

According to Closer’s insider, “Jen has been joking with pals about who she may get involved with next, and there has been chatter about Harry.” The source continued, “He ticks all the boxes — he’s successful, educated, edgy, and cooler than virtually everyone else.”

One of her associates claims that the actress is “sure this has a lot greater chance of working out than some of her previous recent engagements.” Of course, nothing can be confirmed until one of the stars in question sets the record straight.

Both stars have denied the claims as of yet, and they are currently single. The tour for Styles continues. Now he’s off to Australia and New Zealand before continuing on to other European destinations like London, Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona, and Reggio Emilia.

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