Who Is Kendall Jenner Dating? A Look Back at Kendall Jenner’s Dating Timeline

Who Is Kendall Jenner Dating

Kendall Jenner is a model, media personality, and businesswoman from the United States. Kendall Nicole Jenner is her birth name. Born in Los Angeles, California, on November 3, 1995, Kendall is a US citizen. In 2021, Kendall Jenner will be 26 years old. She is 5 feet, 10 inches tall and weighs about 59 kg, contributing to her engaging demeanour.

Their cyclical sign is Scorpio. Ten of Kendal’s siblings are already taken. She’s Kylie Jenner’s sister, the famous model and entrepreneur. Devyn Booker is the name of Kendal Jenner’s boyfriend. The actress’s role in “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” is primarily responsible for her widespread fame. Find out if Kendall Jenner has a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Who Is Kendall Jenner Dating?

There have been reports that Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny are dating after the two were seen leaving the same restaurant on Saturday night.

The “Kardashians” star, 27, and the “Tit Me Preguntó” singer, 28, dined together at Wally’s in Beverly Hills, California, but departed the restaurant at different times.

And according to our sources, Justin and Hailey Bieber were also dining there, possibly on a double date.

Jenner wowed in an all-leather ensemble consisting of a brown crop top, leather leggings, and an enormous leather jacket.

The supermodel’s brunette hair was done in loose waves, and she accessorised with brown pointed-toe boots and a matching handbag.

The Grammy winner wore beige pants, a brown button-down shirt, and white sneakers and looked just as sharp.

Rapper Bad Bunny (real name Benito Antonio Martnez Ocasio) wore an army green cap backwards and turned his face away from the cameras in an apparent bid to remain anonymous.

Upon leaving the gym earlier that day, a photographer had questioned the inventor of 818 Tequila if the Latin sensation was “a good kisser.” But she said nothing in response.

The latest sighting of the purported couple occurred only days after a blind item on gossip website DeuxMoi suggested that they might be dating.

It was reported that Bad Bunny and the single sister of a famous model were spotted playing tonsil hockey at a secret LA club the night before.

The account’s creator, who also broadcasts the “Deux U” podcast, claimed on a recent episode, “I have witnesses on the scene who saw her [Jenner] exit the club.”

Two minutes after Kendall drove away from the club in her car, the police reportedly towed Bad Bunny’s vehicle.

Page Six has tried to contact representatives from both sides but has yet to hear back.

The reality personality ended her engagement to Devin Booker, a 26-year-old NBA player, in November of 2022. According to the sources, the breakup occurred because of their busy work


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“Both have incredibly busy schedules right now with their careers and they’ve decided to make that a priority,” a source told People.

A later report from 2022 claims Jenner is doing great as a single lady.

“Kendall is in great spirits since the split,” an insider told E! News then.

Kendall Jenner Dating History

2015 – Nick Jonas

A long time ago, before Nick Jonas married Priyanka Chopra, Kendall Jenner was linked to Nick Jonas after a Us Weekly report said Gigi Hadid hooked them up. The insider stated, “They are all going to wind up hanging out regardless, so it sounds like an easy setup, which could be a lot of fun. They claimed that Kendall and Nick “had playful chemistry right from the bat.”

Kendall Jenner And Nick Jonas

But, Nick soon put a damper on the rumours by telling E! This is not a romantic relationship. We all have a lot of fun with Kendall because she is fantastic and since she is friends with Gigi and because Joe is dating Gigi.

2016 – Jordan Clarkson

Once rumours of trouble between Kendall and Harry surfaced, the Lakers’ Jordan Clarkson was briefly linked to the model. In March 2016, Us Weekly reported that the two had been dating for “months,” adding, “they are very into each other.” Kendall thinks he’s adorable and he’s a real gentleman.

2020 – Devin Booker

After Kendall Jenner and basketball player Devin Booker were spotted on a road trip to Arizona while she was under quarantine in April of 2020, speculation began to swirl about their relationship. They posted identical photographs to Instagram, but not of each other, and began teasing one another in the comments section.

By September of 2020, rumours had claimed that they had joined Justin and Hailey Bieber for their next vacation. A source told People, “Kendall and Devin have been spending the last few weeks together.” They have spent most of their time in Malibu, but spent the weekend in Idaho with Justin and Hailey. Each of them was having a great time at the lake, where they also played golf. Exciting!

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When Kendall brought Devin to her sister Kim Kardashian’s birthday bash on a private island with all of her closest friends and family in October 2020, it seems that the two are still very much an item. With the release of a photo of Scott Disick cuddling his baby Mason, many noticed a familiar basketball player hiding in the background.

Us Weekly has learned exclusively that Kendall and Devin are dating. She felt it would be simple for him to fit in with her social circle, so she invited him to Kim’s birthday.

The insider continued, “Devin is against Kendall dating anybody else, and Kendall likes him, but she wants to leave her options open.” He is the source of her mirth, and the two of them are adorable.

Both Devin and Kendall were frequently photographed together over the next two years before Kendall confirmed their relationship on the series finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. “He’s my lover,” she announced to Andy Cohen in June of 2021.

A source at E! News claimed in June 2022, “Kendall and Devin had a hard patch recently and have been split for nearly a week,” yet they were afterwards pictured together again looking very much in love.

Yet, rumours of another breakup didn’t surface until November of 2022. An insider told PEOPLE, “Both have tremendously busy schedules right now with their careers and they’ve decided to make that a priority.” The two reportedly went their separate ways in October.

They care deeply for one another and want the best for each other.

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