Who Is Kristen Stewart Dating? How Her Partner Help In Her Career?

Who Is Kristen Stewart Dating

Kristen Stewart is a well-known Hollywood actor who shot to stardom after portraying the title character, Bella Swan, in the film adaptations of Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling novel series, Twilight.

Even though her persona was quite boring, she nevertheless managed to win over many readers who were interested in the vampire-human romance. It’s often assumed that Kristen Stewart’s real-life personality is opposed to that of her film persona.

Who Is Kristen Stewart Dating?

Dylan Meyer has been working in Hollywood for quite some time, but she didn’t become widely known until 2019 when she started dating Kristen Stewart, star of the Twilight films.

Having worked on the screenplay for Amy Poehler’s coming-of-age Netflix comedy Moxie in 2021, Meyer, the daughter of Oscar-nominated screenwriter Nicholas Meyer, has amassed a long list of professional accolades.

Meyer and Stewart first met in 2013 on the set of a film, and after being separated for a while, they reconnected through a common friend and quickly fell in love.

For Stewart, “the day that I met her, it was like all bets were off,” as he put it during a November 2019 visit on The Howard Stern Show.

In 2013, she made Stewart’s acquaintance.

When Did Stewart Met Meyer?

When Did Stewart Met Meyer

Stewart mentioned meeting Meyer on site and later reconnecting with her through a mutual acquaintance during an interview on The Howard Stern Show in November 2019.

“I met her years ago on a movie and I hadn’t seen her in six years, and then she rocked up at a friend’s birthday party, and I was like, ‘Where have you been, and how have I not known you?’ She’s been living in L.A. alongside my life somehow but not ever converging,” Stewart said.

And as it turned out, the two had a lot in common. “We’re both from L.A. and we really love L.A.,” Stewart explained. “We both felt like trolls as kids. We’re like so similar but different. She’s a writer. She’s brilliant.”

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How Meyer’s Help In Stewart’s Career?

The two kept their relationship mostly under wraps, although Meyer was there for Stewart when she was an Oscar nominee in 2022. During an Oscars party given by The Hollywood Reporter on March 7, the couple made their first joint public appearance.

Meyer, nominated for best actor, may be seen looking across the table at Stewart, who was nominated for best actress for her role as Princess Diana in Spencer.

On March 13 of 2022, the pair attended the Critics’ Choice Awards a week after their red carpet debut. Meyer and Stewart are shown standing next to each other at the occasion, their arms around each other and wearing complementary styles.

They went hand in hand down the red carpet at the 2022 Academy Awards.

Meyer And Stewart Are Co-Creators On A TV Project

Stewart announced her new TV programme with Meyer, which she will appear in the 28th annual Hollywood issue of Vanity Fair. Stewart and Meyer reportedly scripted the pilot episode in under two weeks.

“We discovered a superbrain,” Stewart said of the process. “She’s a really genuinely brilliant f—ing screenwriter.”

She also acknowledged the risks that come along with working with your partner, saying, “You don’t want that to affect this beautiful relationship you have.”

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