Who Is Lizzo Dating? Everything To Know About Myke Wright And Lizzo

Who Is Lizzo Dating

Who Is Lizzo Dating? After Lizzo “basically confirmed” in April 2022 that she is in a relationship and “like, wildly happy,” speculation over who her S.O. could be spread like wildfire.

The singer joked about her dating life during her SNL monologue, referencing her 2017 “Truth Hurts” video wedding and flirty direct messages with Chris Evans.

I’ve even been told that rumors are circulating that I’m expecting Chris Evans’s child. Where exactly did that come from? Perhaps it was the video I posted to TikTok in which I announced my pregnancy to Chris Evans’ fan base. A more formal term for this is “manifesting.”

In real life, however, Lizzo had never revealed the identity of her longtime boyfriend until June, when she finally affirmed the widespread speculation.

So, Who Is Lizzo Dating? Myke Wright is Lizzo’s boyfriend, it’s true. The actor accompanied the “Good as Hell” singer to the premiere of her Prime Video show Watch Out for the Big Grrrls last summer.

So, whether you’re here because you love Lizzo and want the best for her (also me!) or you’re just nosy (also me! ), let’s dive into everything we know about this super-cute ship.

He Appears On One Of Her Albums

…Okay, to a point. In a visit to Audacy Check In last September, the singer could not contain her gushing about her boyfriend. Well, I’m in love, she said. He even calls me by my own name, which is very sweet. Melly is what he calls me.

He calls me Melly (ayy), he squeezes my tummy (yes) / I’m too embarrassed (ah) to declare I like it, reportedly because Lizzo was so taken with the moniker that she immortalized it in song lyrics for her single “2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)”. Obsessed!

In June Of 2022, Lizzo And Her Partner Made Their First Appearance On A Red Carpet

When Lizzo’s Prime Video series Watch Out for the Big Grrrls premiered last summer, she and Myke were spotted at the event looking very much in love. The singer added a super-cute photo of them together in an Instagram carousel she later shared to remember the evening (and to show off the diamond ring she had just placed on that finger, over his).

In 2021, We First Learned Of Their Budding Romance

The Sun published a photo of Lizzo and her boyfriend, Myke, having fun in Malibu in March 2021. Shortly after, Lizzo added the caption “single” on her Instagram, which I took to mean that she didn’t want anyone’s opinion on the matter (which is fair). However, the pair was photographed by the paparazzi once more in August 2021, October 2021, and January 2022:

Who Is Lizzo Dating: Lizzo Gave Us A Cuddly Preview On Her Instagram

In March 2022, Lizzo announced that she had found love. Captioned “Happyyyyyyyyyyyy,” the photo shows Lizzo striking a pose (with a drink in hand, of course) before she bends over and nearly falls over while trying to kiss a male who is not seen in the frame. To put it another way, it’s basically all my heart could have wished for her.

He’s Quite Encouraging

Myke reportedly attended Lizzo’s SNL appearance, and if that’s not love, I don’t want it. And she showed up to the after-party with him in her arms!

He Grew Up In Detroit

As reported by VoyageLA, Myke spent his formative years in the city of Detroit’s Westside.

Who Is Lizzo DatingSource: Youtube

After “juggling music, video production, and attending art college,” the article claims he chose to relocate to Los Angeles in 2012 to pursue a career as a stand-up comedian. The rest, as they say, is past.

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