Who Is Medusa On Masked Singer? For “The Masked Singer” 2023, Who Plays The Role Of Medusa?

Who Is Medusa On Masked Singer

Do some severe pondering. Season two of The Masked Singer features a new cast of anonymous singers in masks.

Beginning in 2019, judges and viewers of a reality singing competition aim to figure out which celebrities are hiding behind these elaborate costumes by analysing their performances and the information they reveal about themselves.

After defeating Rock Lobster and Night Owl on ABBA night in Season 9 Episode 2, Medusa was again crowned champion.

After two episodes, the Medusa has emerged as the clear frontrunner. The Medusa-clad performer has triumphed in the first two programmes, ensuring that her identity will remain hidden.

Who Is Medusa On Masked Singer?

For Episode 1’s clue package, here is what Medusa had to say:

“I grew up far from the spotlight, a dancer in the dark, and I never quite fit in. I mean, look at me! But fitting in was never something I really worried about because I knew early on I was born to stand out. So, I did my own thing and ignored anyone who wanted me to conform. Embracing my oddities, snakes and all, has taken me far. From the Super Bowl to this very stage. That’s right! Technically, I’ve been here before. But this time, I’m here to compete, and The Masked Singer feels like the perfect stage for me because honestly? Look around. It doesn’t get much weirded than this.”

JustJared also covered who is Medusa On Masked Singer by a tweet:

Distractify claims that new information was provided in the second episode, specifically the following:

  • A portrait of Coldplay’s Chris Martin.
  • A first-class ticket with Flight 1996 to Tokyo.
  • A picture of four palm trees.

In our previous posts given below, we covered the life of other stars:

For “The Masked Singer” 2023, Who Plays The Role Of Medusa?

For The Masked Singer 2023, Who Plays The Role Of Medusa

Distractify has revealed that the panellists on “The Masked Singer” have guessed:

  • Lorde.
  • Apple Martin.
  • Dakota Johnson.
  • Ellie Goulding.

Nevertheless, fans appear to have agreed that British singer-songwriter Bishop Briggs is Medusa.

This notion is supported by GoldDerby and Parade, two popular entertainment websites. GoldDerby pointed out a possible connection to the show hinted at in Medusa’s clue package by noting that Season 6 winner Jewel performed Briggs’ famous song “River” during her tenure on the show.

Moreover, GoldDerby revealed that “Wild Horses,” a song by Briggs, was featured in a commercial broadcast during the 2016 Super Bowl. As an added bonus, the chess board that appears in the clue package may be a play on Briggs’ first name.

Yet JustJared, a celebrity news and gossip website, suggests Fergie.

As the site points out, Prince Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, whose nickname is “Fergie,” performed in the Super Bowl halftime show in 2011. This first-class ticket clue can be a reference to a line in Fergie’s smash hit “Glamorous.”

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