Who Is Meg Donnelly Dating: Has Meg Donnelly Dated Any Of Her Co-Stars?

Who Is Meg Donnelly Dating

An American actress who became well-known for her role as Ash in the hit Netflix show Team Toon. She then played Lilly Kelly in the film The Broken Ones and Taylor Otto in the ABC comedy series American Housewife. In Disney’s Zombies, she played the role of Addison.

Who Is Meg Donnelly Dating?

Meg, who is 22 years old and a cast member on the TV show Zombies, is reportedly dating Noah Zulfikar. (Meg has been in the Disney Channel Zombies films from the beginning, while Noah has appeared in the sequel and the third film.)

Meg’s other Zombies co-star Milo Manheim was once rumoured to be her boyfriend. Meg has stated multiple times in interviews that she and Milo are just friends.

Are Meg and Noah Still Together Though?

Concern was raised amongst Meg and Noah’s fanbase when it was revealed that Noah had not posted a happy birthday message for Meg on any of his social media accounts, as he had done the year before. At the time of this writing, it appears that neither of them has posted any joint images to their respective feeds.

That doesn’t mean, though, that they’ve broken up, Gen Zers! Occasionally, a couple may decide to keep their relationship under wraps. Both parties are still Instagram followers of one another and have not deleted any images of themselves together.

How About Meg Donnelly And Milo Manheim?

How About Meg Donnelly And Milo Manheim

The main protagonists of Zombies 3, Milo Manheim and Meg Donnelly, are currently all over the media. Does Meg Milo have a girlfriend?

There has been a meteoric rise in the franchise’s fan base since the first film in the Disney franchise was released in 2018. Both Zed and Addison, played by Milo and Meg, rapidly became fan favourites. Fans of the Zombies films have liked the duo ever since the premiere of the first movie in the franchise. All the rumours about their connection have finally been addressed publicly.

Has Meg Donnelly Dated Any Of Her Co-Stars?

Although it was never proven, she was once widely believed by fans to have dated her American Housewives co-star Logan Pepper. Both of them ignored the media’s questions about the rumours.

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Meg Donnelly Is An Actor

Meg Donnelly Is An Actor

Meg Donnely, the actress, was born in the United States. It’s true that her full name is Meg Elizabeth Donnelly. Her conception occurred on July 25, 2000. Meg was born in New York, however, she spent much of her childhood in New Jersey. Donnely started her creative education at age 6 with lessons in singing, dance, and acting.

In 2013, Meg made her acting debut on the Netflix series Team Toon as Ash. The Awkward to Awesome campaign, which Clean and Clear aired in 2015, may ring a bell. For the American side of the campaign, there was Meg Donnely.

Meg Donnelly has been in numerous films and television shows in a wide range of roles. She appeared in the opening night film, The Broken Ones, at the 2017 SOHO International Film Festival. She was Taylor Otto in the ABC sitcom American Housewife.

She wasn’t well-known before her role as Addison in the Disney Channel original film Zombies (which premiered in February 2018). Success at the box office led to the sequel being greenlit in February of 2019.

Disney+ debuted the sequel to “Zombies” in February 2020. Zombies 3, the third and last film in the franchise, is set for release in July 2022.

Meg has been cast as Mary Campbell in the Supernatural spinoff The Winchesters. The information was made public in March of 2022. Mary Campbell is the mother of the famous Winchester brothers, Dean and Sam Winchester of the CW’s Supernatural.

Donelly has published her first single, titled “Smile,” and is a seasoned performer on stage.

Donnelly’s latest offering, “Digital Love,” was released on YouTube by Disney Music on March 2, 2019.

Who Is Noah Zulfikar?

Canadian actor Noah Zulfikar is most recognised for his part as Jacey in the DCOM Zombies 2 on Disney Channel. He first gained widespread recognition for his recurring role as Kingston on the fifth season of the teen drama series The Next Step, in which he appeared in 61 episodes. His time spent with the Canadian Dance Company as a member is equally notable. Before he became famous, he was signed with Stars Academy Talent.

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