Who Is Michelle Pfeiffer Husband? All the Information You Need to Know About David E. Kelley

Who Is Michelle Pfeiffer Husband

Michelle Pfeiffer and her husband, David E. Kelley, had an unconventionally amorous introduction. In early 1993, the Scarface actress and the TV writer went on a blind date and fell in love. After courting for two months, Pfeiffer adopted Kelley’s daughter Claudia.

We were not like others; we conceived and gave birth to this child immediately. While with Kelley, I saw him in a setting that traditionally serves to define men and boys differently. There’s no denying his brilliance. Pfeiffer discussed their humble beginnings in an interview with Good Housekeeping in 2007. Strangely, it helped that we first viewed one other as parents before moving forward in our relationship.

Plus, “It couldn’t have been better timed. This reflects well on his integrity and demonstrates that there are times when the tried-and-true method isn’t the best option.

After Kelley and Claudia’s wedding in November 1993, the couple decided to adopt Claudia. In the subsequent year, John Henry was born to them.

Even though Pfeiffer and Kelley have been married for nearly 30 years and recently celebrated their 29th anniversary, it may be best to keep their romance under wraps.

The Oscar-winning actress wrote on Instagram, “Happy Anniversary to David, my heart of 29 years.”

Who wrote the TV shows that Pfeiffer appeared in? Michelle Pfeiffer is married to actor David E. Kelley.

Husband Michelle Pfeiffer Went To Princeton

At Princeton, Kelley was a student and a player for the men’s ice hockey team.

At the end of his time at Boston University’s School of Law, in 1979, he graduated with a Juris Doctor degree. He started working at a law company in Boston.

The Husband Of Michelle Pfeiffer Is A TV Writer

While working as a lawyer, Kelley penned the legal thriller From the Hip in 1987.

He told The Hollywood Reporter, “I had a premise that I believed would make a beautiful movie, but I didn’t know anybody in L.A.,” so he wrote the script for From the Hip on his own. For some reason, I decided to share it with others. A law firm customer optioned it, but I found out the hard way that this doesn’t necessarily mean the script will be made. Despite the advice to the contrary, I have not quit my day job.

Producer Steven Bochco of L.A. Law read the script and found it good. Kelley was hired as a writer and then promoted to showrunner. “Boccho asked me to appear on an episode in the summer of 1986. From the first story meeting, I knew I belonged here,” Kelley said.

As time went on, Kelley became a successful TV writer and producer. Among his many credits are the TV shows The Practice, Ally McBeal, The Undoing, Anatomy of a Scandal, Big Little Lies, Big Sky, and Nine Perfect Strangers. In 2014, he was inducted into the Television Academy Hall of Fame.

In 36 years, Kelley has been nominated for 30 Emmys.

On A Blind Date, He Took Pfeiffer Out

In January 1993, Pfeiffer went on a blind date with Kelley.

Pfeiffer admitted to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, “I was sort of nervous… because I’d had a couple of bad blind dates, and I had sworn off of them.” Bowling was my idea for the get-together.

During a pre-party supper, Pfeiffer recalled Kelley “chatting it up” with her sister.

She said, “I think I should set Dedee [Pfeiffer’s sister] up with him. I tell my best friend. They have a strong chemistry together. My friend warned me, “Don’t you dare or I’ll kill you.”

She said in jest that things got off to a bad start but turned around in the end.

He tied the knot with Pfeiffer about three decades ago.
Kelley and Pfeiffer tied the knot on November 13th, 1993.

Pfeiffer gushed to Parade magazine in 2012 that she “chose extremely well” with David.

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In her own words, she felt pretty fortunate. “Never. My husband has the highest standards of honesty. Respect. He’s charming, witty, and bright, but he’ll bore you to death if you disrespect your spouse.

Pfeiffer has celebrated the couple’s numerous anniversaries on Instagram, and they’re still together after more than 30 years.

He And Pfeiffer Are The Parents Of Two Kids

He And Pfeiffer Are The Parents Of Two Kids

Before she met Kelley, Pfeiffer adopted an infant on her own. She met Kelley in February 1993, and two months later, in March 1993, she adopted Claudia Rose. It was the year of Kelley and Claudia’s wedding that he adopted Claudia.

Pfeiffer said of their kid in a 2007 interview with Good Housekeeping, “My girl’s different. She is fantastic in her strength. Mom said, “I got the strong, confident young woman I hoped for! She has a creative spirit and a natural interest in the world. It’s lovely that she’s finally coming into her own at this age. She’s fantastic.

A son, John Henry Kelley, was born to Kelley and Pfeiffer in August of 1994.

Pfeiffer revealed her pregnancy in an April 2020 Instagram post.

“#TBT. 1994. Expectant. Pfeiffer captioned, “I miss my kids like everyone else.

The actress shared a snapshot of her grown daughter on Instagram in 2021.

Michelle Pfeiffer And Her Husband Will Not Work Together Again

Despite their Hollywood success, Pfeiffer has stated that she does not want to work with Kelley.

Pfeiffer told The New Yorker that she had met several couples who appeared to have a “wonderful marriage” but later filed for divorce after deciding to keep their professional and personal lives separate.

At the beginning of 2022, Pfeiffer appeared on The Tonight Show, Starring Jimmy Fallon, to talk about her wedding.

“He writes better for ladies than anyone,” Pfeiffer said of the author. “Unbelievable. Beyond a reasonable doubt, our friendship is the best aspect of my life. Therefore, it’s too risky.

We’re both fierce at work, so if I have a bad day and come home upset, I want him on my side because he doesn’t know the opposite side. That’s practical.

Even though Kelley and his movie star wife do not work together, they find inspiration in their everyday life with their children. Pfeiffer mentioned Kelley’s usage of the head lice issue involving their children on Live with Kelly and Ryan in April of 2022.

“I see certain characters, and I say, ‘I guess he wrote it for Michelle,'” Kelly Ripa said to Pfeiffer.

“No… The actress claimed Kelley “once scripted a story” about their children Claudia and John Henry, though he “would never admit to it.”

Pfeiffer claimed, “One developed hair lice in primary school.” It took three of us to get the nits out of this kid’s head.

And I warned Kelley, “If I see this in one of these performances!” Naturally, he included it in his program.

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