Who Plays Jay Kelso IN That 90’s Show: Before That 90’s Show Mace Coronel Was On Nickelodeon

Who Plays Jay Kelso IN That 90s Show

Fans of “That ’70s Show” will find “That ’90s Show” to be the perfect follow-up. Eric (Topher Grace) and Donna (Laura Prepon) appeared to restart their romance on the final episode of “That ’70s Show,” which aired on New Year’s Eve 1979. They must have found some way to make things work, since 15 years later they have a daughter named Leia (Callie Haverda), who plans to spend the summer of 1995 with her grandparents in Point Place, Wisconsin.

Who Plays Jay Kelso IN That 90’s Show?

That’s pretty much the premise of the first season of “That ’90s Show,” and if things go well, there might be a lot more hijinks at the Forman home in future seasons. Akin to the original, the main Forman youngster and his pals spend time in the basement.

Jay Kelso (Mace Coronel) is one of these friends who becomes Leia’s new love interest. His parents, Michael Kelso (Ashton Kutcher) and Jackie Burkhart have a very obvious clue about his parentage from his last name (Mila Kunis).

Before That 90’s Show Mace Coronel Was On Nickelodeon

Mace Coronel made his acting debut when he was only seven years old, despite being born in 2004. When he first started out, he mostly did cameos and short films. However, he was given a more substantial part as R.J. Forrester in nine episodes of “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

The part of Dicky Harper on “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn” on Nickelodeon quickly followed, becoming his most prominent to date.

Coronel portrayed the eldest Harper’s sister during the show’s four-year run (2014-2018). It was Dicky’s nature to take the easiest way out of any situation. His character, Jay Kelso, on “That ’90s Show,” is similarly easygoing about his on-again, off-again romance with Leia, a trait he clearly inherited from the actor. Who is Mace Coronel, see in the further paragraph.

A Look At Mace Coronel

American child actor Mace Coronel is best known for his role as Dicky Harper on the Nickelodeon comedy series “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn,” in which he starred alongside his triplet brothers and sister. He has appeared in a wide variety of media, including series, movies, advertisements, and music videos.

He made his debut television appearance in the episode “Hungry Games” of “Up in Arms” in 2012. He had a guest appearance on the 2013 episode of “Hart of Dixie” titled “Lovesick Blues.” For several seasons, he has been regularly on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful.’

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He appeared in numerous animated shorts, including “Neverland,” “M Is for Mom,” “Shoelace,” “Money Shot,” “Spirit Town,” and others. Aside from “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn,” he has guest starred on numerous other Nickelodeon shows.

‘Santa Hunters,’ a Nickelodeon original movie, featured him as a main character in 2014. A Nickelodeon “Ho Ho Holiday Special” featured him in 2015. What makes Mace Coronel so unique, let’s check…

What Makes Mace Coronel So Unique?

What Makes Mace Coronel So Unique

Mace Coronel, aged 12, is an ambitious young man. Mace has, according to his mom Grace Coronel, always been “advanced for his age.” His mother enrolled him in acting class when he was just seven years old. He told his mother he didn’t think the acting was something that could be taught when the session was complete and he asked if they could get their money back.

Mace is able to identify with the character of Dicky Harper who he plays on the hit comedy show. His favorite qualities in Dicky are his self-assurance and sense of flair. Mace is so keen on taking risks that he had to sign a contract vowing to be careful with the help of his producers.

Even he recognizes that there is a risk involved in some of his pastimes. Among his many interests are the sports of snowboarding, Parkour, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and MMA. In addition, he has a big heart. His replacement on “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn,” John Tamaki, recently passed away, and he took to social media to share his condolences.

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