Who Was The Killer In Scream 2 And The Murderers Who Were Not But May Have Been

Who Was The Killer In Scream 2

In the 1990s, the slasher genre was given a new lease of life thanks to Scream and its innovative take on the murderer. The murderer wasn’t some otherworldly creature like Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers, but rather a human wearing a Halloween mask.

The murder-mystery spin that Screams put on the horror genre was what made the films stand out. In addition to worrying about whether or not their favorite character would survive the carnage, viewers also had to consider the possibility that they were the person hiding behind the mask.

Each film’s climax relied heavily on the audience’s reaction to the perpetrator being unmasked as someone they knew all along. Who was the murderer in Scream 2 hiding behind the Ghostface mask, though?

Who Was The Killer In Scream 2?

In the sequel to Scream, Ghostface tagged along with Sidney and the rest of the Woodsboro gang as they enrolled in university. Mickey Altieri, a classmate of Sidney’s, was found to be acting as an assassin with Debbie Salt, a reporter, who was really Billy Loomis’s mother.

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In the first film, Salt’s kid was murdered, and she wanted to get even with Sidney for that. Mickey, like Stu, had no clear reason for the murders and claimed, following his arrest, that he was motivated by his desire to place responsibility for his acts on the prevalence of violent media.

Good Old Fashioned Revenge

Good Old Fashioned Revenge

Mrs. Loomis, portrayed by “Lady Bird” and “Roseanne” actress Laurie Metcalf, is called “Debbie Salt” throughout the majority of the film. Debbie, in the guise of a local reporter, befriends Courteney Cox’s Gale Weathers and repeatedly nags her about being late to the story. After meeting Sidney, Debbie Salt finally reveals who she really is.

In “Scream,” Mrs. Loomis is the mother of the serial murderer Billy Loomis, who vanishes. She holds both her mother and Sidney responsible for the death of their son. Mrs. Loomis left town after learning that her husband had an affair with Sidney’s mother. According to Billy, this was the driving force behind his decision to murder Sidney’s mother, her friends, and, had he been successful, Sidney herself.

Mrs. Loomis’s original plot included framing Mickey for the killings, having him murdered, and then posing as Mickey’s innocent bystander. Sidney Prescott, like all Ghostfaces, is not going to surrender without a fight. When Mrs. Loomis murders her son, Sidney teams up with Gale and Cotton Weary (Liev Schrieber) to bring her down.

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The Murderers Who Were Not But May Have Been

It wasn’t always intended that Mickey and Mrs. Loomis would play the antagonistic roles they do in “Scream 2.” One of the first screenplay leaks in internet history included this movie. Initially, Ghostface was supposed to consist of Sid’s lover and best friend/roommate, as related by the Nerdist.

According to the site, “[Kevin] Williamson had to retool his tale while filming progressed” once the news of the leak became public. The performers were told just what they needed to know in order to keep the murderers’ identities hidden.

This time it’s the lover who committed the murder, right? Boh-ring! Leaking the unfinished conclusion forced Williamson to improvise a better one, thus it all worked out. Add to that the obvious fun that Metcalf and Olyphant had acting insane murderers. Is it possible for Jerry O’Connell to replicate Laurie Metcalf’s manic fervor? This secret will never be revealed.

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