Young Woman Fatally Shot After Wrong Turn in Upstate NY

Young Woman Fatally Shot After Wrong Turn in Upstate NY

A man from Washington County has been accused of killing a young Saratoga County woman on Saturday night.

The Washington County sheriff’s office reports that 20-year-old Kaylin Gillis from Schuylerville was in the car that night with three pals as they looked for the home of another acquaintance.

In the village of Hebron, the gang took the wrong driveway, which belonged to Kevin Monahan, 65. Sheriff Jeffrey Murphy claimed Monahan emerged from his house and allegedly fired two shots at the car during a press conference on Monday.

While Gillis was inside the vehicle, one of the bullets injured her. At 9:53 p.m., the group traveled a short distance to Salem, where there was mobile coverage, and dialed 911.

Gillis was given CPR by emergency personnel when they arrived, but she passed away from her wounds.

The tweet below confirms the news:

When police arrived at Monahan’s house, Murphy claimed that until Monahan was ultimately taken into custody, he “was not cooperative” for more than an hour. Monahan is being detained at the Warren County Jail after being charged with second-degree murder.

On Monday, Sheriff Murphy claimed to have known Kaylin Gillis and her family personally. “I know for a fact that she comes from a good family, a very good family and that she was a young girl who was taken way too young,” he stated.

As of Tuesday morning, the family of Kaylin Gillis had donated more than $54,000 through a GoFundMe campaign.

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