Zom 100: The Anime That Will Change Your Perspective on Zombies

Zom 100 The Anime That Will Change Your Perspective on Zombies

The first episode of Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead didn’t only premiere on Sunday. The season premiere landed in a heap of zombies, exploding in a rainbow of colors and leaving a massive mushroom cloud in its wake.

After Attack on Titan, this is the series debut that everyone will be comparing others to. If this is how BUG FILMS’ first anime series began, then the next 11 episodes are in for a real treat.

Zom 100: The Anime That Will Make You Laugh, Cry, and Think

In my review, I will not pull any punches. It’s hard to imagine a more successful debut for Zom 100. Perfection. Absolutely brilliant! Whether you’re into sakuga, cinematography, color design, comedy, drama, action, faultless exposition, or just plain zombies, Zom 100 has quickly established itself as the season’s most essential anime.

Every time I finish a volume of the manga and lose myself in its pages, I think to myself, “This series deserves a proper anime adaptation.” Not your run-of-the-mill anime adaptation, but rather one that mirrors my own experience of reading the manga in terms of the thrill and suspense it evokes. Thankfully, that was the goal of this episode, and it succeeded.

I grew captivated by Director Toshimasa Ishii’s scene transitions during my weekly coverage of 86 Eighty-Six (2021–2022). Before watching 86 Eighty-Six, I had never seen an anime that so expertly handled scene changes. But here we are in 2023, with Zom 100 providing us with Kazuki Kawagoe’s brilliantly crafted stunning transitions and jaw-dropping cinematics.

Above is an example of letterboxing, which is rarely seen in anime. While letterboxing is more popular in movies, it is underutilized in anime even when it makes sense. Aspect ratios are a creative space that deserves more attention, and I admire filmmakers like Kawagoe and Ishii who use them to elevate stories that don’t necessarily need to be, but unquestionably benefit from being.

I felt like I was watching a movie while watching this episode. The letterboxing and muted color palette served to immerse us in Akira’s world and heighten our empathy for him. The spectrum of hues emanating from the zombies’ dripping was like a balloon stuffed with dye. Then, all of a sudden, the colors and smiles of the happiest day ever burst forth from the previously oppressive atmosphere, making Akira’s future aspirations seem within reach.

Here is an official Trailer, you can watch it below:

Unlike Akira’s initial romantic interest, this show won’t devolve into a collection of tired tropes and depressing despair. Not just in terms of story and genre, but also in terms of direction, inventiveness, and animation, Zom 100 has the potential to set a new standard in the medium of anime.

Everyone is counting on Kawagoe and his team to keep up the tempo and keep the crowds excited every Sunday for the remainder of the summer. Stunning artwork and well-thought-out storyboards will be frosting on the cake at this point. The next step is to get out of the way and let the tale and characters unfold organically. Including new details and making imaginative choices can only improve the whole.

Kawagoe’s clear vision for this pilot episode shows that Zom 100 is in good hands. Some of my favorite exposition from any anime or manga is credited to series creator Haro Aso. The episode didn’t take any time to establish who Akira is and what he’s about, and he’s relatable to a lot of viewers because of his experiences.

After seeing the premiere of Zom 100, your imagination will be blown by how far the characters and plots may go. Even if some people don’t realize it yet, Akira’s creation of his bucket list is the spark that will ignite a wildfire of adventure, comedy, and drama in a world that is just waiting to be devastated by it.

Zom 100: Episode 1 Delivers a Perfect 10

Zom 100 Episode 1 Delivers a Perfect 10

Wow. For the time being, it concludes my remarks. Just…wow. Zom 100’s premiere episode was crucial for a number of reasons, especially given the recent returns of other, more popular programs like Jujutsu Kaisen and Mushoku Tensei. One of the best series premieres in recent memory was provided by Zom 100. It’s hard to believe that the same person who directed one of the calmest and most peaceful anime in recent memory, Komi Can’t Communicate, also created the wonderful mess that is Zom 100.

The very least that could happen right now is for this series to be trending on social media. I hope that as a result of this first episode, manga sales skyrocket and drinks are raised in toast to all involved. Seriously, I can’t wait for next week’s episode, it was that good.

First episode score: a perfect 10

Please cast your vote for Zom 100, Episode 1: Bucket List of the Dead, in this week’s poll if you appreciated it. The second episode will premiere on Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll on Sunday, July 16 with English subtitles.

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